A Dream

I have a dream… that one day… POLITICIANS:

  1. will not be moved by ambition to power but by aspiration for altruistic service.
  2. will not compete for power but, in sacrifice, acquiesce to the will of the soul of their country.
  3. will not misuse power to impose the little wills of human minds but will use it to implement the Plan according to the Purpose which the Masters know and serve.

Politics is about POWER, the kinetic energy propelling the potential force of LOVE.

LOVE is the substrate on which POWER operates: its motive, its compass, its magnet.

Enlightened, intelligent activity is the skill in action needed to implement the PLAN, “that measure of possibility of immediate importance which the divine Purpose can present at any given moment in time and space.” (TEL 132)

We need compassionate and enlightened wielders of POWER in the field of politics, wearing incorruptible shields of Light and Love.

[EOH] In September 1940 I gave an interpretation of a new Stanza of the Great Invocation, and in that communication I spoke of Divine Embodiments as the highest type of Avatar for which humanity could look at this point in its evolution. I spoke of the activity of the Hierarchy and of Shamballa, should these two divine Agencies decide that intervention in the form of a widespread cataclysm (engulfing all peoples) was necessary, and I referred to the emergence of inspired leadership as another and lower aspect of divine guidance and participation.[Page 301]

Such inspired leadership is now being given to humanity by Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, in contra-distinction to the focussed leadership of the forces of materialism through Hitler and another man in his group … Such leadership is called forth by elements present in humanity itself.

The “dynamic energy of the divine Will” (TEL 122) needs the “the duty and the responsibility of the [server in the field of politics], working under the inspiration of the Ashram, to “modify, qualify and adapt” the proposed Plan of Shamballa (for which the Ashrams are responsible) in connection with the coming civilisation and culture.”(DINA II, 278)

I have a dream… that one day… POLITICIANS will be sworn in to their elected office with this pledge, in sealing the door where evil dwells:

“In the centre of the will of God I stand.
Naught shall deflect my will from His.
I implement that will by love.
I turn towards the field of service.
I, the Triangle divine, work out that will
Within the square and serve my fellowmen.”

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth, a Plan of Right Human Relations (social justice) leading to a permanent PEACE on Earth.

-José Becerra