Ending the Ukrainian conflict

Would any reasonable person call for a dialogue with the man who raped his mother, wife, sister, or daughter? And what if the rapist claimed that he was provoked by the woman he raped? Furthermore, what if he claimed that he was acting in self-defense?

The epitome of absurdity, correct? Well, I propose that this is exactly the position being held by those who promote a dialogue with Mr. Putin to negotiate the outcome of his military invasion of a sovereign country, Ukraine.  

In the 21st century, there is no justification whatsoever to invade a sovereign country, even if provoked by perceived geopolitical threats. A perceived threat is a legitimate cause to demand and engage in a dialogue, relying on it as the only civilized way to settle the matter. However, once engaging in criminal acts of war against civilian population, the dialogue option is forfeited. Only justice — not vengeance — can restore permanent peace, a true peace based on right human relations.   

Of course, I do understand the danger of fueling an arms race. I do not trust the industrial military complex to restore peace on Earth. However, why did the spiritual Hierarchy oppose pacifism and, instead, supported the military defeat of Fascism during the Second World War? Was it a sin against the Law of Love?

“The present war, if carried forward to a successful completion by the defeat of the totalitarian powers, constitutes a far lesser evil than the subjugation of many nations to the unparalleled cupidity, the appalling educational process and the defiance of all recognised spiritual values by the Axis powers.”

Externalisation of the Hierarchy 180

It is evident that the pacifist impasse — its decision paralysis — is broken by the formula suggested by the Master: opt for the lesser of two evils. Arming Ukraine to defeat the aggressor — in legitimate self-defense — is the lesser of two evils.

Still, the question remains: how to defeat a nuclear power, led by a criminal of war able to manipulate the public opinion of the Russian people by controlling the national media, by incarcerating political opponents, and who is willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of reluctant citizens as cannon fodder, with total impunity? Even if the threat to world peace is not yet at the level of a Third World War, we certainly have reached a level of world tension similar to the 1930s preceding the Second World War and Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939.


Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to all mankind.
Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.
May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.
May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time.
Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.
So let it be and help us to do our part.

October 1939

I said earlier that the war could have been averted from expression on the physical plane had the disciples and aspirants of the world measured up to their opportunity and responsibilities. The Great Invocation was rendered relatively powerless, from the angle of dynamic usefulness, because the majority of those who used it turned it into a peace prayer. It was instead a great spiritually militant invocative demand. This must not happen with this Stanza of Invocation. It is a demand; it is also an authoritative affirmation of existent fact; it sets in motion agencies and forces hitherto quiescent, and these can change the face of the world battlefield; it invokes the Prince of Peace, but He [Page 251] carries a sword, and the effects of His activity may prove surprising to those who see only the needs of the form aspect of humanity.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy


Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth.
Let Them bring succour to the sons of men.
Let the Rider from the secret Place come forth,
And coming, save.
Come forth, O Mighty One.

Let the souls of men awaken to the Light,
And may they stand with massed intent.
Let the fiat of the Lord go forth:
The end of woe has come!
Come forth, O Mighty One.
The hour of service of the Saving Force has now arrived.
Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One.

Let Light and Love and Power and Death
Fulfil the purpose of the Coming One.
The Will to save is here,
The Love to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad.
The Active Aid of all who know the truth is also here.
Come forth, O Mighty One and blend these three.
Construct a great defending wall.
The rule of evil now must end.

June 30, 1940

Haven’t we, the New Group of World Servers (NGWS), learned the lesson?

The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind, in the air of the buddhic plane. And these quotes are what the wind is blowing for us, students of the Tibetan Master’s Teachings.

“In their well-meaning blindness they would sacrifice the future of humanity and the lives of millions of people at a later date for a temporary cessation of hostilities. I would emphasise to you that the Forces of Evil must be defeated now; the evil leaders must be wrenched from their high place, and the complete defeat and annihilation of those responsible for launching this horror on humanity is an absolute necessity and bounden duty, if security, well-being and a new order of happier living is to be the lot of coming generations. A temporary ending of the war would only give time for the Forces of Evil to reorganise, and the future war would be infinitely worse than this one. This the intelligent humanitarian is saying, and this is the opinion of the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy stands firmly on the side of those who demand a war to a finish, and the reasons are the ultimate saving of millions of lives and the preservation of certain basic spiritual values.”

Externalisation of the Hierarchy 426

Of course, we are entitled to hold our own opinions about war and peace. We all are free to do so. But what really holds together this nonpartisan political service activity of the NGWS is not anyone’s opinion, but the wisdom of a Master of Love and Compassion.

As a group we must hold a point of tension in the mental plane, above partisan emotions, holding a clear vision of a united world opinion saying NO! to Mr. Putin and his lackeys. This NO! will defeat the aggressor by means of “boycott and sanctions.”

Yes, this approach will take time. Mr. Putin is betting that we will tire first. Let’s prove him wrong. -JB


“Appetites of the autocrat cannot be appeased. They must be opposed. Autocrats only understand one word: ‘no, no, no’,” Biden said. “‘No, you will not take my country. No, you will not take my freedom. No, you will not take my future.'”


“Man is indeed his brother’s keeper, and the keeping will take the form of knowledge and of “boycott and sanctions“—as it is called today in reference to the penalising of nations.  I would have you ponder on these two modes of treating wrong doing.  They will be practically automatically applied as a matter of good taste, right feeling and helpful intention by individuals and groups to other individuals and groups, and in this way crime and the tendency to evil doing will gradually be stamped out. […]  I have no time to enlarge upon these matters, but these suggestions will give you food for thought.”

Esoteric Heling, p. 237

The answer, indeed, is blowing in the wind!

Blowin’ in the Wind Summary & Analysis

by Bob Dylan


UN Disarmament Conference

27 February – 03 March
Geneva, Switzerland

Theme: Disarmament, and prevention of nuclear war and arms race in outer space