The Hierarchical Plan and the World Situation Today

Plenary Presentation at the 2017 University of the Seven Rays Conference

[ABSTRACT] The goal of the New Group of World Servers is to provide a centre of light within the world and to hold up a VISION to Humanity, because “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

In Rule XII for group initiation we are told: “Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the group upon the upward Way and let Taurus bring illumination and the attainment of the vision; let the mark of the Saviour, as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group.”

How does the group toil in Pisces? In the political field of service, the group toils by acknowledging the frailty of democracies (due to the gullibility of the average citizen) and the rise to power of “silver-tongued demagogues” (preaching populist nativism), as is evident in the world today. The hostile takeover of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government, against the will of the majority of the people, by an unqualified and unfit President and a group of xenophobes and American imperialists, has shown the frailty of the American democracy.

How does the group indivisibly serve in Aquarius, bringing illumination to America and to the whole world? It serves by holding a truly Aquarian vision: 1) the LIGHT of factual truths, shed by a defiant free press, “preventing, negating and destroying” the glamour of “alternative facts;” 2) the WISDOM of the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government checking and balancing abuses of the Executive Branch; 3) the POWER of Divine LOVE, overcoming all separation, wielded by a “focused, determined, enlightened public opinion” resisting the evils of social injustice and environmental assault.

This talk will also address the current work of the Manu (according to the Alice A. Bailey teachings) in the context of the forthcoming (2025) Conclave in Shamballa, the significance of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse in the USA, the evolution of democracy adapted for Hierarchical purposes, and the healing of nations necessary for a lasting peace on Earth.

José Becerra, MD, MPH, FACPM. Since his professional retirement, Dr. Becerra has become a full-time student of the four classical disciplines (Quadrivium) of number, geometry, music and cosmology applied to solve the problems of humanity. Since 1999, Dr. Becerra has devoted his esoteric work to the study and practice of Agni Yoga ( Dr. Becerra has worked along with the New Group of World Servers in the fields of government, medicine, international health and mathematical epidemiology (




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Photograph: Gemini 2016 Full Moon at Montserrat.

My Montserrat photographs as metaphors.

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#3 My viewpoint


I am a “progressive conservative” because I endorse the Ancient Wisdom. Political labels: continuous political spectrum individual vs social responsibility.

Despite this personal conservative bent, I defer to Master DK’s progressive teachings on social justice, for instance, denouncing unregulated capitalism as evil (a good to be left behind).

Cite DK on need for disciples to concentrate on problems of humanity over esoteric teachings during the Stage of the Forerunner.

“The remainder of this century must be dedicated to rebuilding the shrine of man’s living, to reconstructing the form of humanity’s life, to reconstituting the new civilisation upon the foundations of the old, and to the reorganising of the structures of world thought, world politics, plus the redistribution of the world’s resources in conformity to divine purpose. Then and only then will it be possible to carry the revelation further.” R&I 255


MY VIEWPOINT: I think that the frailty of democracies (due to the gullibility of the average citizen) and the rise to power of “silver-tongued demagogues” (preaching populist nativism) are dangerous factors in the world today. The hostile takeover of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government, accidentally taken against the will of the majority of the people, by an unqualified and unfit President, and a group of xenophobes and American imperialists, has shown the frailty of the American democracy.


My use of the word accidental is well thought out: an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.

I truly believe that we are facing the worst crisis of the Republic since the American Civil War. The recent outcome of the presidential election in France shows that these regressive forces can be resisted and defeated by democratic means.

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Read slide: Rule XII for group initiation and goal of NGWS

From my viewpoint and from the perspective of the Seed Group of Political Organizers, the “toiling is Pisces” refers to the inadequacies of democracy as a system of self-government.

Photograph: Tibidabo and Montserrat in background

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The AQUARIAN vision: read slide.

Slide #6 (However, the vision can be clouded by an illusion)


The RESISTANCE to the “Post-Truth” ILLUSION

I Assert the FACT: A Post-Truth World is NOT!

*DISCERN better-from-worse approximations to the truth*

There is no dharma higher than TRUTH.

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Master DK recommends three core books for modern discipleship: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, New Testament, Bhagavad Gita.

Whenever there is a withering of the law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself.

For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law, I come to birth age after age.


New Tool: the intuitive sense. Redefine DEMOCRACY using the REVELATORY Technique of the Presence (Agni Yoga).

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Read slide: DK quote on true democracy.

The battle of Democracy will be fought out in the United States.

The planned externalization of Hierarchy needs a new IDEAL of democracy.

READ proposed “new” ideal of (Hierarchical) democracy, “old” as Plato’s Republic

EOH 272: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: the three words which must govern the New Age.

“Equality” is that peculiar understanding which the Coming One will reveal and which is based on a right sense of proportion, correct Self-respect, and understanding of the spiritual, yet natural, laws of Rebirth and of Cause and Effect, and which will be founded in future centuries on the recognition of the age of a soul’s experience and gained development, and not at all on the loud emphatic affirmation that “all men are equal.”


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The Work of the Manu (see reference compilation)

Time Magazine (Nov 1993) ⇒ Coulter 2015


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Total Solar Eclipse: 21 August 2017

The current, accidental President of the USA was born during a solar eclipse (birth chart, Leo rising). His Presidency is a transient eclipse of the American democracy.

The 2017 eclipse is an unique opportunity to:

Unveil … the face of the true Spiritual Sun

Hidden by a disc of golden Light

That we may know the Truth

And, like Arjuna, do our whole duty: RESIST! RESIST! RESIST!

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As we resist to seal the door where evil dwells, we also need to HEAL, so necessary for bringing a lasting Peace on Earth:

A Piscean Prayer


An Aquarian Invocation


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As viewed from the Ashram which I’ve been asked to assist during the current Stage of the Forerunner, the Hierarchical Plan consists of three activities: a recognition, a revelation and the ensuing service.

1. the Recognition of the Kingdom of SHAMBALLA and the imminent externalization of the Hierarchy of Masters of Compassion and Wisdom as the Christ returns;

2. the Revelation of the MOTHER of the World – the Kingdom of Angels – considering it the potential energy of creation;

The Madonna of the Rocks by Leonardo Da Vinci
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3. the Service to Humanity through White MAGIC, organized throughout the whole planet (as in the work of Triangles).


(for healing)

May the liberating Light of Lord Buddha,
The infinite Love of the Spirit of Peace,
And the unfathomable Power of the Avatar of Synthesis
Restore God’s Plan on Earth.

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