Speaking Truth to Power

Governor, your corrupt policies on gun control are an embarrassment to our country. You were “out of line” at your hypocritical press conference yesterday comparing elementary school massacres with mafia driven shootings in other cities. Evidently, the “real” gun protection laws in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York are not enough. We need more restrictive laws to protect us, not less. No one needs military grade assault weapons to practice hunting.

Mosquito-born diseases kill: if we can’t control the virus (mental illness), at least let’s control the vector (assault weapons). Of course, we can’t prevent all massacres, but we can prevent most, as all other countries in the world show. The good is never the enemy of perfection, except in y0ur sick mind and in your hardened heart.

Sir, shame on you. Worshiping guns is evil. You have the blood of innocent kids — and their teachers — in your hands. Military assault weapons must be banned in the streets of a civilized society, unless you are engaged in an armed insurrection, are you?

We shall overcome, some day.

José Becerra, Atlanta, GA

A few myths that have surfaced in recent days:

MYTH: Urban homicides falsely inflate statistics on US gun deaths.
FACT: “The common trope is that places like Baltimore or Detroit or Chicago are the reason we have so many gun deaths in this country,” Cass Crifasi told the Chicago Tribune. “And yes, those places … have unacceptable rates of gun homicides. But the places with the highest rates of death are not Maryland, Michigan, and Illinois. They are Mississippi, Louisiana, Wyoming, Missouri, and Alabama. The places with weaker gun laws have higher rates of death.” 
“More people died from guns in Texas than Illinois, when suicide and accidental shootings are included,” she added. 
MYTH: Mass shootings, like the ones in Texas and Buffalo, are the result of mental health issues. 
FACT: While motives in the Uvalde massacre are still unknown, “increasingly, we are seeing people who are frustrated, angry and hateful and using firearms take that out on a particular group,” Crifasi told MarketWatch.  
But there’s a distinction between this and a diagnosable mental health issue. It’s also dangerous and irresponsible to link gun violence and mental health. For one thing, mental health issues are far more common than mass shootings: More than 50% of people will be diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder at some point in their lives, according to the CDC
Fixating on motives and the mental health of those who perpetuate violence distracts from more actionable approaches to reducing gun violence, Crifasi said.

MYTH: In most mass shootings, perpetrators do not know the people they kill.
FACT: Nearly 70% of mass shootings involve domestic violence, Lisa Geller told 12 News in Arizona. In a study published in 2021, Geller and colleagues found that in over 68% of mass shootings, the perpetrator killed at least one partner or family member and had a history of domestic violence. 
Restricting access to guns by people with a history of domestic violence could curb the occurrence of mass shootings and fatalities, the study suggested. 
MYTH: There are more gun deaths in the US because America is a violent society.
FACT: “Most countries don’t have a problem with fatal mass shootings,” Webster told Fox News in LA. “Most countries do not have anywhere close to the rates of homicides that we do. It’s driven principally … because we have decided to make guns readily available to almost anyone, and our interests seem to be more in protecting those who sell weapons and want to own them as opposed to the broader public.” 
MYTH: We don’t know what to do to curb gun violence.
FACT: Data collected by researchers about mass shootings show discernible patterns and opportunities for intervention. The data also suggest that many of the ways we’re currently trying to prevent gun violence are wrong—but the good news is that we now have evidence-backed solutions to do better
MYTH: More guns are the answer.

Evil is multifaceted.
This is a face of EVIL, L-I-V-E spelled backwards,
in the United States of America today.

USR 2022

The Sixth and the Seventh Rays in the World Today

José Becerra

SRI USR Conference 2022

May 18, 2022

ABSTRACT: The current transition between the outgoing sixth and the incoming seventh rays is producing a clash of ideas and ideologies on a world-wide scale. We are told (Destiny of the Nations, 46), “The situation is still further complicated by the fact that both these rays influence and express themselves in a dual manner and have always a lower and a higher form of manifestation, which is a correspondence in this connection to the personality, and the egoic expression of every human being.” 

This talk will address the current world situation in the light of this transition, and how the higher and lower expressions of these rays have shaped the recent history of Spain (6th Ray soul and 7th Ray personality: “I disperse the clouds”) and Russia (7th Ray soul and 6th Ray personality: “I link two ways”). Of interest, both Russia and Spain have given to the world the First (Russia, agniyoga.org) and the Second (Spain, agniyoga.info) Ray approaches to Agni Yoga.

We are told (Destiny of the Nations, 61): “Out of Russia will emerge that new and magical religion about which I have so often told you.” Also, (Ibid, 62), “the spiritual motto: “I disperse the clouds,” is indicative of the magical work for which Spain will eventually be responsible … the field of scientific magic and the magical work of the Church of the future.”

Therefore, recent developments on the Science of Magic will also be addressed in this talk.


It might be asked of what use the fifteen rules for magic communicated above may be.  Naught yet as far as practical work is concerned, but much where inner intellectual development is desired.  He who meditates and broods over these rules in the light of what has been earlier communicated anent the devas and building forces, will arrive at an understanding of the Laws of Construction in the macrocosm, which will avail him much, and save him much time when the magical work and formulas are put in his hands.

Treatise on Cosmic Fire 1026

Magic is the POWER to materialize an imagined reality. As when we say, “Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.”

Good executives – in group formation and individually – practice creative meditation. In the business world, when a corporation materializes its objectives, that is magic, the magic of the contemplative mind over matter.  The attentive mind, contemplating its GOOD or EVIL intention, is engaged in the rational process of strategic planning applied to materialize the outcome of an altruistic or a selfish vision and mission. Only a developed intuitive sense — the Heart – can discern the difference between GOOD or EVIL intention.

“The essence of magic boils down to the application of two ordinary mental skills: attention and intention. The strength of the magical outcome is modulated by four factors: belief, imagination, emotion, and clarity [of objective].”

-Radin, Dean I.. Real Magic (p. 73). Harmony/Rodale. Kindle Edition.

Magic is not a violation of natural law, but rather, the function of occult laws of nature, operating in the living matrix of space and rooted in the science of consciousness. Consciousness – and particularly self-consciousness — is the most fundamental mystery of life in its current stage of evolution, from an atom to a solar system.

Jesus received PUBLIC recognition by his miracles, mostly healing miracles. A healing miracle is an expression of magic, limited by karmic law.

When Christ so frequently emphasised faith (or rather that quality which is translated as faith in our Western Scriptures) He referred in reality to acceptance of law, to a recognition above all of karma, and to a knowledge of divine destiny.

Esoteric Healing 385

It’s reasonable to think that Lord Maitreya, in His physical reappearance, will also be publicly recognized by His miracles.

What are the “building forces” behind this magic? The Seven Rays are the creative Forces of the Universe.

“They are the [Page 142] seven Builders, Who produce the radiant temple of the Lord, under the guidance of the Mind of the Great Architect of the Universe.”

-Esoteric Psychology Vol. I

The rays are impersonal forces. They can be used by those representing the material forces of GREED and FEAR (unregulated free market in a global economy), or they can be used in grounding the spiritual energies the Will-to-Good and Goodwill, supported by the “massed intent” of an enlightened public opinion.

The divinity of Christ, for instance, is frequently illustrated by reference to His miracles, and to those supernormal powers which He so often evidenced.  Supernormal powers are, of themselves, no evidence of divinity at all.  Great exponents of evil can perform the same miracles and demonstrate the same capacity to create and to transcend the normal faculties of man.  These powers are inherent in the creative aspect of Divinity, the third or matter aspect, and are linked to an intelligent understanding of matter and to the power of the mind to dominate substance.  This power is, therefore, neither divine nor non-divine.  It is a demonstration of the capacity of the mind and can be used with equal facility by an incarnated Son of God, functioning as a World Saviour or Christ, and by those Beings who are on the path of destruction, and who are called (by those who know no better) Black Magicians, Evil Forces and Devils.

-Esoteric Psychology Vol. II, 60

Therefore, spiritual discernment is of the essence. Only a developed intuitive sense — the Heart — can discern the difference between “an incarnated Son of God, functioning as a World Saviour or Christ, and those Beings who are on the path of destruction, and who are called (by those who know no better) Black Magicians, Evil Forces and Devils.”

Aquarian Mantra of Synthesis
(The great magical triangle)

May the liberating Light of Lord Buddha,
The infinite Love of the Spirit of Peace,
And the unfathomable Power of the Avatar of Synthesis
Restore the Plan on Earth.

Vicente Beltrán Anglada (1915-1988).
Excerpts from two talks in Barcelona in 1987
Three OMs
[talks in Spanish; mantras recited in his native tongue, Catalonian]
Mantra of the New Group of World Servers
The Great Invocation
Mantra of Fixed Determination (DINA II, 176)