2018 Aries New Moon


Meditation is the primary form of service for those following a spiritual path. It is a means of cooperation and alignment with hierarchical intent. The new moon period follows upon the cycle of outbreathing in the rhythmic cycles of the breath; it is a time of pause wherein together we can establish a soul-mind-brain alignment. During this period we work in thought to concretize the ideas and impressions received at the time of the full moon period and undertake the sometimes difficult process of translating them into practical plans that can be of service in the world. The effect of this meditative effort is to enhance the many ways in which the “power of the one Life” and the “love of the one soul” are working out through all true servers everywhere.


2018 Aries New Moon Meeting: UN Security Council

New Moon Meditation Outline

Q: What are the underlying causes obstructing the path towards human unity and the consequent need for reform within the Security Council?

A:  National self-interests obstruct the international common good.


Q: How can esoteric servers contribute to the resolution of these causes?

A: Promote the development of the intuitive sense in humanity. The new yoga,  Agni Yoga, is a REVELATORY practice dispelling ILLUSION. Newer TRUTHS about hierarchical democracy and spiritual governance need to be revealed by the NGWS.

Agni Yoga


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