A Tale of Two Countries

The world of men today can be divided into two major groups. They are those who are fighting for some political party, some form of national government, some religious, [Page 675] social or economic attitude. They are against all that is not of their inclination. There are those who are opposed to them, and who are ranged against them. Partisanship, fighting for or against, and party spirit distinguish the modern world of men. With these activities, which lead to separation and division and strife, the New Group of World Servers have no time or interest. They stand for those attitudes which will eventually produce a third party, free from political and religious hatreds. As yet they are unknown, unrealised, and relatively powerless to make a definite impression on world thought. If, however, there is skill in action and an adherence to the principles of harmonious cooperation, they can, in a very few years, demonstrate real power and influence.


To resist evil —any ideology of separateness— is not a “partisan” activity discouraged for the members of the New Group of World Servers. In fact, the NGWS stands as a “third party.” Such “partisanship” is indeed encouraged by the spiritual Hierarchy to fulfill —”with stern resolve”— the task of equilibrizing and lifting the extremes of the political spectrum, thus precipitating SYNTHESIS.

“I play my part with stern resolve, with earnest aspiration; I look above; I help below: I dream not, nor I rest; I toil; I serve; I reap; I pray; I mount the cross; I tread the Way; I tread upon the work I do; I mount upon my slain self; I forego peace; I forfeit rest, and in the stress of pain, I lose myself and find my Self, and enter into peace.”

DINA I, 561

* … a hint as to the nature of evil and a clue to a part (though only a part) of the mystery to be noted in the statement that evil and good are reverse aspects of the same one reality, and evil is that good which we should have left behind, passing on to greater and more inclusive good. 

R&I, 350

The attitude of many students, inevitably participants in world events, that “such is the Law and such is the Karma of people and nations and such is the pre-determined destiny“ is far from right. They believe—sometimes sincerely—that all that should be done is simply to wait for results to appear and for karma and destiny to fulfil itself. Then and not till then, all will be well. …. Only through resistance to EVIL (and in this world period and in this kali-yuga it is an essential basic attitude) can karma be brought to an end.

EA, 443-44

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Countries

  1. Thank you for sending your thoughts so powerfully expressed that we too can use.

    This quote from Gore Vidal about the Ayn Rand philosophy popped onto my screen today.

    “For to justify and extol human greed and egotism is to my mind not only immoral, but evil. For one thing, it is gratuitous to advise any human being to look out for himself.
    It sounds all too familiar as the standard philosophy by which the thinking and behavior of a large segment of our population has been shaped. It is an ideology of separateness and evil.”

    I enjoy your thought that the NGWS is a third party, synthetic in nature.

    On this Full Moon Day, we stand as One synthetic force in the resurrecting energy field of Aries: I come forth and from the plane of Mind I rule. -HBH (email)


  2. Thank you. Most especially… For reminding us that to rise up in fear or anger, even against evil, we must remind ourselves that Evil is an outworn coat that must be laid aside, replaced by the new one, that fits the coming growth cycle. We must remain poised, knowledgeable , and with a sense of balance and evergrowing synthesis. Again, gratitude for helping us to walk the Cosmic tightrope.


  3. I enjoyed your post and replied, trying twice. It was rejected, both times, mysteriously staying” it looks like you’ve said this before,” or somesuch… Never have I seen such. I hope you are not missing others who would like to share with you! At any rate.. many 🙏 and thanks … Suzanne Miller, USA


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