Confronting Evil

The conscription age is usually between 18 and 40ish years old. Adulthood is a requirement for military service. Shouldn’t a similar requirement be considered for active duty in sealing the door where evil dwells?

From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

The phrase “the race of men” (and women, implicitly) implies a spiritually mature state of consciousness. Spiritual adulthood is measured in terms of the age of the soul.

Younger souls are not equipped to confront evil. Many pacifists belong to this stage, regardless of their chronological age. In their naivete, the spiritually nursery-school-age children cannot conceive evil, even less confront it. In their minds, everybody is good, and peace can be negotiated with anyone, good or bad people. Neutrality is their shield.

Peacemakers, on the other hand, understand that peace is not a cause, but rather, an effect of observing the Law of Right Relations. Furthermore, they realize that evil is that good which should have been outgrown. Such understanding requires spiritual discernment, a trait of mature states of consciousness reminiscent of Shamballa. The only place of complete peace is the center where the Will of God is known, Shamballa.    

There is no fault in being a pacifist opposing all wars. Their growth in consciousness will eventually lead them out of their blissful blindness. However, when more mature souls mislead the younger ones to stay in, or even regress to, pacifism for the sake of seeking followers in their self-aggrandizing plan, then that’s dangerously wrong.  In treading the left-hand path, even if temporarily, they may disguise as esoteric astrologers, conspiracy theorists, or teachers. In fact, they really are, that is, for nursery schools.

Russian propaganda promoted by an esoteric astrologer and known conspiracy theorist, while free press has been suppressed in Russia.

The POWER of our united LIGHT
PREVENTS the appearance,
NEGATES the quality, and
DESTROYS the vitality of the
Russian Lying Propaganda

Modern esoteric schools train adult men and women in discipleship by teaching and practicing the disciplines of meditation, study, and service of humanity. When humanity is confronting evil, nursery school age children should be protected and taken away from the battlefield.

The Kurukshetra is the battlefield for mature souls. One can recognize them by their wise choices, by their shunning of neutrality and by their confrontation of evil with the Will-to-Good, thus, doing their part in sealing the door where evil dwells.

One of these mature souls was Alice A. Bailey. Her book, Between War and Peace, is recommended reading for all members of the New Group of World Servers.

  1. Totalitarianism is an absolute evil, an assault against the inalienable right for freedom of the human spirit.
  2. Any domestic or international formulation of the least-of-two-evils approach in the political field of spiritual service must abide by this absolute certainty.
  3. Regardless of other issues, world servers aligned with the Forces of Light must never support any position or candidate for public office with an authoritarian or totalitarian program.

Factual truths do exist. There are better approximations than others, but not every possible narrative is equally plausible. Imperfect approximations to the truth carry more light than outright lies, no matter how many times repeated or disguised.

Contrary to Russian propaganda, NATO is not the cause of the Ukraine invasion by the Russian military. Any country can ask defensive security forces, such as NATO, for protection, particularly those nations that suffered abuse behind the iron curtain. Invoking the right of self-defense cannot be misconstrued as an act of aggression against the offending country. Self-defense is not aggression.

Mantra of the New Group of World Servers

May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers.
May the Love of the One Soul characterize the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.
May we fulfil my part in the One work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech.

[JB] Can’t negotiate peace with a war criminal. Putin needs to be defeated. A negotiated ceasefire is possible. Russian forces will regroup to capture Eastern Ukraine and then move westward; NATO must provide modern/effective defensive weapons to Ukraine. Russian forces must retreat for peace to be possible.   

As the Hierarchy did during WW-II, spiritual workers need to take sides with the oppressed and forego any personal/sentimental pacifist stance.

However, for some time now, some spiritual aspirants have publicly expressed dissenting opinions about the root cause of the war and the need to take a more “balanced” approach to negotiate peace. Nowhere in the Teachings can I find any reference to the Hierarchy “negotiating peace” with Hitler. As far as I know, Master DK advised against it and advocated for the need to militarily defeat Hitler.

Yes, totalitarianism is an absolute evil. If any student of the AAB-DK Teachings comes out with a different impression after studying the Blue Books, then s/he has not grasped that the Hierarchy does consider totalitarianism an absolute evil. Such stance is not a flawed Sixth Ray glamor. Some seem to confuse the First Ray (I assert the fact) with a dogmatic Sixth Ray. One comes from an expanded state of consciousness, the other from a narrow point of view.

Of course, everyone is entitled to personal opinions. However, until individuals develop their spiritual sense of smell, allowing them to smell lies, it would be wise to ask our brothers and sisters suffering spiritual anosmia to refrain from obstructing the Hierarchical work through Their more mature disciples shedding light on the cause of the unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine by a war criminal, and Ukraine’s right of self-defense.

Russian forces must retreat for peace to be possible. Putin must be held accountable for the war crimes committed in Ukraine. -JB

Aquarian Mantra of Synthesis

May the liberating Light of Lord Buddha,
The infinite Love of the Spirit of Peace,
And the unfathomable Power of the Avatar of Synthesis
Restore the Plan on Earth.

Aranjuez Concerto – Adagio.
Dedicated to the victims of the war crimes in Ukraine.
May they rest in peace, and the criminals brought to justice.

8 thoughts on “Confronting Evil

  1. As I read your message Jose it is worrisome for me to see somebody calling your brothers and sisters that differ in your political perspective and view of what is happening nowadays as “having taken the left hand path”…

    I am hoping and trusting that we members of the New World Servers are able to dialogue and respect each others views without putting them down, giving insults or making attacks.

    Let love, understanding and humility prevail.

    Sending you my love,


  2. Tara: I have never called anyone opposing my personal political views as “having taken the left hand path.” I’m surprised by your false accusation.

    I do contend that totalitarianism is evil, an absolute evil, and that anyone promoting the totalitarian Russian propaganda on Ukraine is supporting the left hand path, as anyone supporting Hitler was. The association of totalitarianism with evil is not my personal choice of words. If you consider “unkind” Master D.K.’s words toward Hitler, denouncing the seven evil men who surrounded him, as well as the Zionist “terrorists,” then I would respectfully suggest that you reconsider your position toward His Teachings, and ask yourself: “Where do I stand?”

    As so well explained by Alice A. Bailey in her book Between War and Peace, as well as by DK in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, even the neutrality of the sentimental pacifists would be taking sides against the Good. During WW-II, the world Arjuna (NGWS) had to take sides and denounce the “alternative facts” of the Nazi propaganda. So, my question stands. Which side would have then claimed your loyalty when Hitler invaded Poland? Which side claims your loyalty now when Putin invades Ukraine? Yes, it’s a choice between the right and the left hand paths. Where did you stand then, where do you stand now?

    Respectfully yours, -JB


  3. Questions/concerns received via email. -JB

    Q: Yes innocent women and children are dying… in Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Ukraine, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria even in Western countries to a lesser degree from poverty starvation and hate. Africans are used as slave labor. Brazilian lands are decimated.

    The sanctions will spark a new rush for dirty energy and devastate the planet further. The sanctions will starve tens of millions of people and put potentially billions into poverty.

    And in Ukraine women and children both Ukrainian and Russian are dying and likely will escalate because what seems to be more important is to punish and not resolve. Which has been ongoing since 2014.

    A: The problems of humanity are many, and have been addressed in the Teachings (ref: The Problems of Humanity, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy). Similar problems existed in 1939 and these didn’t preclude the spiritual Hierarchy from supporting flawed democracies against the evil of totalitarianism. The current problems of humanity are no excuse for the military invasion of a sovereign country.

    Q: Yes war crimes. Unfortunately the US, Russia nor Ukraine are signatories of the ICC and the UN can not apply its charter to any of these Countries whenever they engage in war crimes or crimes against humanity.

    A: A crime is a crime is a crime. Putin needs to be held accountable for war crimes, and genocide, regardless of jurisdictional issues. The Tibetan Master has suggested boycott as a collective action to isolate sociopaths and deter them from inflicting further harm (reference provided elsewhere in this blog).

    Q: So ok blame Putin and then what… the problems still exist and the next round of problems will be felt in the West and will eventually creep up to the westerners who live in comfort and take for granted all the luxuries they have based on a multitude of corrupt practices and corrupt governments.

    A: Yes, all terrorists blackmail their captives by threatening to harm them if assailed. Yes, pain will be inflicted on both sides. Can you research what the Master has stated in this regard? Again, please find the references elsewhere in this blog.

    Q: The Western equivalent of a good guy and a bad guy that exists in movies becomes a lot more complex when you live in the real world.

    A: Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine in 2022 is equivalent to Hitler’s military invasion of Poland in 1939. There was no grey zone then; there is no gray zone now.

    Q: I think the idea that if World War 3 occurs that is the end for humanity is seriously missed here. Whatever it takes to resolve this whether it is peacefully, partially peacefully, compromise, negotiations… whatever option reduces the chance that we have to redo tens of thousands of years evolving to get back to a place where we will face these same problems again is the best course and action to take in my opinion.

    A: Yes. For the same reason, the best course of action in 1939 was to defeat Hitler. The best course of action now is to defeat Putin in Ukraine.

    Of course, until the Russian people wake up from Putin’s domestic propaganda of lies, he will remain in power (in Russia). However, the international isolation of Putin, even after his defeat in Ukraine, will eventually remove him from power. And Russians will be FREE to determine their own destiny, according to the Plan. Again, please find references elsewhere in this blog about Russia in a future multipolar world order.

    Q: Adding more guns bombs hate anger lack of discussion fear to the mix only increases the likelihood Humanity will have to be reset again.

    A: The spiritual Hierarchy didn’t advise negotiating peace with Hitler. Why would you expect Them to advise negotiating “peace” with Putin now? Of course, a ceasefire should be sought as soon as possible. Peace, however, as defined in the Teachings, is a different issue. No international peace is possible unless Putin returns what is not his to take. No pre-1945 precedents apply to justify the unlawful takeover of another country by military force.

    Q: And post war the ultra nationalists will have so much weaponry what will happen then?

    A: We share similar concerns about rearming the world, and the impact on climate of increasing the production of fossil fuels. This is certainly an unintended consequence of confronting the evil of totalitarianism today.

    Disarmament (including banning nuclear weapons) and clean sources of energy should be the highest priority in the post-war reconstruction period by the triumphant democracies, once the totalitarian threat is wiped out from the face of the Earth, sealing that door where evil dwells, forever. -JB


  4. Light, Truth and Freedom are not negotiable. The fundamental keynote of the Hierarchy is FREEDOM. It was founded to get Humanity to free itself. Freedom –when captivated by totalitarianism and the forces of evil– is not negotiable.


  5. The Tibetan says that Hierarchy is “inflexibly” against any form that suppresses the human spirit. *Note the word “inflexibly.” Here’s the quote: “Hierarchy is inflexibly against any demonstration of the principle of non-freedom no matter what form it takes. Today this totalitarianism evil is expressing itself through the planning of the Russian oligarchy through the Zionist movement; and through all groups which seek to fetter and imprison the spirit of man.”


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