Refounding the UN

[CNBC] U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield introduced the proposal earlier in the week following accusations that Russian troops tortured and killed Ukrainian civilians in Bucha, a suburb near Kyiv.

Thomas-Greenfield said Tuesday that Russia’s membership on the council hurts its credibility, “undermines the entire U.N. and it is just plain wrong.”

The resolution to strip Russia of its seat on the Human Rights Council passed with 93 votes in favor, 24 against and 58 abstentions.

Belarus, China, Iran, Russia and Syria were among the U.N. members that voted against the resolution. India abstained from voting.

Libya is the only country to be suspended from the 47-member Geneva-based council. The North African country was suspended in 2011 after a violent crackdown against protesters by forces loyal to then-leader Muammar Gaddafi.

[JB] Imagine the General Assembly of the UN overriding a veto of the Security Council by a supermajority vote (2/3 or 3/4, according to the importance of the issue at hand).

However, this option would require refounding the UN, because its current charter cannot be amended except by “the concurring votes of the permanent members” of the Security Council.

Can the UN be refounded to enforce the high ideals of the current Charter among its members, sealing the door for war crimes not to remain unaccounted?

Should the New Group of World Servers aid the spiritual Hierarchy in invoking, with “massed intent,” the indescribable power of the Avatar of Synthesis to transform/refound the UN through its General Assembly?

The General Assembly already has the power to boycott, expelling a country from its councils, as shown today.

Are “drones, phones and satellite technology” the outer expressions today of “telepathic registration and of the psychic powers such as clairvoyance and clairaudience” prophesied by Master DK (see quote below) to “boycott and sanction” countries ruled by leaders obsessed by the evil Forces of Darkness?

The growth of telepathic registration and of the psychic powers such as clairvoyance and clairaudience will eventually tend to strip humanity of the privacy in which to sin. The powers whereby the Masters and the higher initiates can ascertain the psychic state and physical condition of humanity, its quality and consciousness, are already beginning to show [Page 237] themselves in advanced humanity. People will sin, commit evil deeds and satisfy inordinate desire, but they will be known to their fellowmen and nothing that they do will be carried out in secret. Some one or some group will be aware of the tendencies in the life of a man, and even of the incidents in which he satisfies some demand of his lower nature, and the fact of this possibility will act as a great deterrent—a far greater deterrent than you can imagine. Man is indeed his brother’s keeper, and the keeping will take the form of knowledge and of “boycott and sanctions“—as it is called today in reference to the penalising of nations. I would have you ponder on these two modes of treating wrong doing. They will be practically automatically applied as a matter of good taste, right feeling and helpful intention by individuals and groups to other individuals and groups, and in this way crime and the tendency to evil doing will gradually be stamped out. It will be realised that all crime is founded upon some form of disease, or upon a glandular lack or overstimulation, based in turn upon the development or the underdevelopment of some one or other of the centres. An enlightened public opinion—informed as to man’s constitution and aware of the great Law of Cause and Effect—will deal with the criminal through medical means, right environmental conditions, and the penalties of boycott and sanctions. I have no time to enlarge upon these matters, but these suggestions will give you food for thought.

Esoteric Healing

t’s certainly a slower method which may prove effective. However, time is of the essence to prevent further massacres and war crimes against humanity in Ukraine in the very near future. -JB

PS: The Tibetan Master has revealed certain cities serving as main chakras in some countries. This opens up a field of esoteric research on “the glandular lack or overstimulation, based in turn upon the development or the underdevelopment of some one or other of the [etheric] centres.” If money is considered a “great stream of flowing golden substance,” what would be the correspondence to the glands (endocrine system) using this “bloodstream” (money) to devitalize evil in the corporate body of a nation? Targeted economic sanctions to the solar plexus centers of a country (e.g., oligarchs) may serve a similar purpose.


May the liberating Light of Lord Buddha,
The infinite Love of the Spirit of Peace,
And the unfathomable Power of the Avatar of Synthesis
Restore the Plan on Earth.

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