The Tiger Team

BRUSSELS — The White House has quietly assembled a team of national security officials to sketch out scenarios of how the United States and its allies should respond if President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia — frustrated by his lack of progress in Ukraine or determined to warn Western nations against intervening in the war — unleashes his stockpiles of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

The Tiger Team, as the group is known, is also examining responses if Mr. Putin reaches into NATO territory to attack convoys bringing weapons and aid to Ukraine… Russia may turn to the most powerful weapons in its arsenal to bail itself out of a military stalemate. NATO’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, underscored the urgency of the preparation effort on Wednesday, telling reporters for the first time that even if the Russians employ weapons of mass destruction only inside Ukraine, they may have “dire consequences” for people in NATO nations. He appeared to be discussing the fear that chemical or radioactive clouds could drift over the border. One issue under examination is whether such collateral damage would be considered an “attack” on NATO under its charter, which might require a joint military response.


The New Group of World Servers is over-lightening this TIGER Team with:

TTruthfulness (discerning)2 and 5
IIntelligence (tactical and strategic)3 and 5
GGraciousness (diplomatic but firm assertion of the Will-to-Good)4 and 1
EEmpowering Faith1 and 6
RResilient Magic3 and 7
The TT

The TT resembles the Greek capital letter for the mathematical constant “pi,”

the ratio of a circle‘s circumference to its diameter.

 The magic of 7: residual 0.1416 ~ 1/7

Circle of protection

The TT also looks like a roof or veil, with a rift.

Moses, the Leader
by N. Roerich

The tiger spirit animal is synonymous with courage, personal strength, and willpower, giving the ability to deflect any anger or aggression.

2022 Horoscope for Tiger 2022 is the year of Water Tiger starting from Feb.1, 2022 (Chinese Lunar Near Year) and lasting to Jan. 21, 2023.

Factual truths do exist. There are better approximations than others, but not every possible narrative is equally plausible. Imperfect approximations to the truth do carry more light than outright lies, no matter how many times repeated or disguised.

Contrary to Russian propaganda, NATO is not the cause of the Ukraine invasion by the Russian military. Any country can ask defensive security forces, such as NATO, for protection, particularly those nations that suffered abuse behind the iron curtain. Invoking the right of self-defense cannot be misconstrued as an act of aggression against the offending country.


and his unholy allegiance with Russian churchianity,


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