AAB on War and Peace

Eight seed thoughts: an addendum.

  1. The nameless One Being becomes the Polar Two, Father and Mother in heavenly marriage. Their reflection is the Conscious Three, the Son, the Sun.
  2. On the Path of Return, triplicities are fused into dualities, and dualities are identified as unity. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.
  3. Relative dualities of goodness are fused by harmonizing them, the Fourth Way. The love of humanity overrides the love for peace. [see AAB quote, below]
  4. Between Good and Evil there is no middle ground. It’s an essential duality, not a triplicity with neutrality as a vertex. Good must overcome Evil. Evil is that good which we should have left behind.

Between War and Peace by Alice A. Bailey

“Clear thinking is an essential requirement for all good citizens and all spiritually minded people; we are forced by circumstances to make up our minds, to know where we stand and to realise that a neutral position, held by an individual or a group, is no longer tenable, no longer right and of no service to the United Nations and, therefore, to humanity.” p. 13

“Today there are no more than two parties in the world those on the side of right human relations and those on the side of cruel and selfish power politics. Two opposing world visions confront mankind, and two possible world orders are presented to humanity. Between these two, man must choose and his choice will determine the future.” p. 14

“United Nations are fighting against the would-be conquerors and enslavers of the human race. We know what is at stake. By the barbarian invaders of today nothing is spared -neither life, nor morals, nor honor, nor virtue, nor pledges, nor the customs, the national institutions, even the religion of any people. Their aim is to sweep away every vestige of individual and national rights; to substitute, the world over, their unspeakable tyranny for the ways of life developed each for itself by the various nations; to make all mankind subservient to their brutal will; to convert the two billions of the earth’s inhabitants into abject victims and tolls of their ruthless and insatiable lust for power and world dominion.” – p. 16

The spiritual values must be restored.Everything is spiritual which tends towards understanding, towards kindness, towards that which is productive of beauty and of those things which lead man on to a fuller expression of his divine potentialities.

All is evil which drives man deeper into materialism, which omits the higher values of life and human culture, which endorses selfishness, which sets up barriers to right human relations and which feeds the spirit of separateness, of fear, hate and revenge. [p.20]

“Unless we know something of these contrasting idealisms and world incentives, unless we have some understanding of the necessity (the definitely spiritual necessity) to fight, and unless we see clearly the vital urgency of the present moment, we shall not express that flaming spiritual will which alone can win this war and which is the sole agent which can free humanity from the terror of the totalitarian programme. In the last world war (which was in reality, as we now see, the first half of this present war and an unfinished cycle), we fought under the slogan of “make the world safe for democracy.” Today we are fighting to “make the world safe for humanity”; we are fighting for the freedom of the human spirit and for the future of the children of every country, for a future of hope and promise -which will be non-existent if Germany triumphs- because it is a future in which the spiritual values will be emphasised.” p. 38

“However, two groups of people are proving themselves bewildered, muddle-minded and futile -futile because they are unable to think constructively. There are the people of Germany who, though many may fundamentally disagree with Hitler and hate the Nazi, regime, are apparently unable to change their aquiescence in evil doing, because of fear, terror and the constant, insidious presence of the Gestapo. Secondly, the pacifists and the appeasers.

These latter are so blinded by their sincere idealism or by their fear of the consequences of war that they are willing to permit the victory of Hitler rather than take the needed steps to arrest his progress.” p. 41-42

“The two points of view and the two widely divergent goals have been clearly visualised by Hitler and his partners, but the democratic nations (as Hitler foresaw and said) have not seen so clearly, and blindness, complacency, compromise and appeasement have characterised their attitude for a long time till ruthless happenings caused them to awaken. When those who are on the side of the Forces of Light and of non-aggression see their goal with an equal clarity of purpose as do the forces of evil, and are equally united and equally determined to free humanity from the threatened terror, then there will be such a manifestation of power that disaster will rapidly overcome the aggressor nations. This unification is rapidly taking place.

“When it has reached its highest point of unity, the force generated and the power let loose upon our planet will be of so stupendous a nature that human liberation will be about rapidly brought about.” p. 42

Peace is essentially an effect and not a cause. Goodwill is the active principle of peace, and the right order of our activity should have been goodwill, leading to right human relations, resulting in peace. Peace is not to be achieved by a sweet negativity or by enrolling people on long mailing lists who signify that they love peace.”, p. 47

Peace is not the highest goal and objective of the human spirit. Love of humanity is a much higher one. Love of peace is frequently an emotional reaction and can be based upon fear of war, fear of death, fear of disturbing the rhythm of life; it is often based upon love of the individual and not on love of humanity; or upon love of the form nature, selfishness and self-interest.“, p. 47

“I am deliberately bringing this issue to your attention because there are people who -in the face of the proven facts- still cling to their ideal of pacifism and who are only awaiting the psychological moment again to become active. They forget that an ideal can become an idol and that there are primary and secondary principles. Peace is a secondary principle to that of right human relations. Love of humanity is a primary principle. Both principles are right, but love is of more importance. The problem of the right-minded and spiritually minded man is often the difficult one of a choice between two rights.”, p. 48

Vigil for Ukraine

Between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries (subjectively since 1386 but objectively between 1569–1795) there was a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (which included most of Poland, almost all of Ukraine except for the part that contacts the sea, all of Belarus, a small part of Russia, all of Latvia and a part of Estonia, and small portions of Slovakia and Romania..

This is a very ancient Judaic kingdom (quasi-mythical, but it is known that it existed) the kingdom/empire of Jazhar whose capital was Kiev. This kingdom, later a confederation, existed long before present-day Russia was configured. Then Moscow was merely a village, while Kiev was the capital of an ancient kingdom that laid the foundations of a Commonwealth of Nations.

This center of pan-European roots is recognized in the Judaic world as “the heartland” of Jazidism (European mystical Judaism). Today, although nations have been shaped in different ways, Ukraine may be considered a truly Aquarian nation, with its multiple religious creeds and mutual understanding (not just tolerance), unlimited cooperation among different creeds and ethnicities configured as one Soul, with deep historical and karmic ties with Poland.

A third of the Ukrainian population is ancestrally Polish. We could say that most of the Ukrainian population is atavistically Jazharic, ancestrally descended from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, located right in the center of a pan-European heart.

Therefore, although the modern explanation is that Poland’s past of being invaded by Germany is what fosters its solidarity with the Ukrainian people, the ties are much older and deeper. Hierarchical experiments are long-standing and take centuries, if not millennia, to bear fruit.

Dr. Luis A. Hernández-Ríos, InternetArcano.org


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