Ukraine 2022

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Independence Square, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and St Sophia Cathedral at sunrise

The Gayatri
O Thou Who givest sustenance to the universe,
From Whom all things proceed,
To Whom all things return,
Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun
Hidden by a disc of golden Light
That we may know the Truth And do our whole duty
As we journey to Thy sacred feet.

A Prayer For Ukraine – The Amabile Choirs of London Canada

I call you to a period of clear thinking. I seek not to mould your political approach to life, but I do seek to aid you to see humanity and its welfare—not only in terms of your own nation or your own political group—but in terms of the whole, and as we, the teachers on the inner side, are forced to see it. I seek to see you free yourselves from the condition where you are swayed by propaganda of a political, national or religious kind, and deciding for yourself where you, as a soul, must stand in this world crisis and on which side you will place the emphasis of any influence you may wield; I would have you note where your highest ideals [Page 229] will lead you and whether the springs of your life’s decisions and attitudes are truly pure and unadulterated.

I seek to draw your attention away from the many minor issues, the many clamouring voices, and from the widespread concentration upon the unworthy pasts and the undesirable aspects of all nations (without exception), and help you to see with clarity the major dualism which underlies the present world conflict—might against right, materialism against the higher values, freedom against imprisonment, cruelty against fair dealing, liberty and safety against fear and aggression. Then, having balanced these pairs of opposites within your consciousness, decide where your loyalty, your interest and your ability to serve will be placed, and then go forward to further the ends of one or other of the two groups, at no matter what cost, but knowing where you stand and why you stand there.

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice. A. Bailey

I would ask you—as far as you possibly can—to insulate yourself from fear and from the effect of the world situation and its allied problems. I would ask you to carry forward this insulation along the line of love, using the ancient method which has been called “the wheel of living fire which burns not but ever heals.” This method is occult and safe and constitutes no barrier to relationships as does the building of a separative wall. The method is as follows:

See before you a wheel of fire with seven spokes. See it immediately before your eyes. Then, by an act of the creative imagination, see yourself standing in the centre at the hub of the wheel; there regard yourself as if you were that hub. From that central position, send out the seven streams of living love, radiating upon the world. When you do this you serve and are, at the same time, completely protected. This exercise can be come instantaneous and effective. It generates a protective force and at the same time makes you a living centre of light and love.

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol I, p. 156

Ukraine Crisis: Special Request for Prayers from EWTN Ukraine – YouTube

Spain, Francisco Brualla and Vicente Beltrán-Anglada

Q: How do you see the juxtaposition of Russia’s 7th ray soul and 6th ray personality (idealism in spades) with Spain’s 6th ray soul and 7th ray personality? How is that interplay of major forces playing out to advance the Plan?

A: Spain has a sixth ray ego and a seventh ray personality — thus reversing the forces which are expressing themselves [Page 62] through the Russian spirit. Spain, too, acts as a link in world adjustment but this time the link is between Europe and Africa, and in this capacity Spain has earlier served. It will be apparent to you also how inevitable has been the relationship between Spain and Russia and how the ideology of the latter country has influenced the national government. It will also be apparent why the battleground of the two great ideologies — the Fascist and the Communistic — has been found inevitably in Spain. The triumph of the Fascist part has been equally inevitable from the start because of the egoic relation existing between Spain and Italy and also to the proximity of the two countries which has enabled the telepathic impress of Fascist idealism to be easily impressed upon the prepared and sensitive Spanish consciousness. As to the fanaticism, the natural cruelty, the fervent idealism, the arrogant pride and the religious and mystical quality of the Spanish character, they are obviously of sixth ray origin and are highly crystallised. The intense individualism of the people can be noted also as a definite part of their seventh ray personality equipment. Their spiritual motto: “I disperse the clouds,” is indicative of the magical work for which Spain will eventually be responsible and sooner than is perhaps anticipated, thus balancing in that highly intelligent and individualistic country the field of scientific magic and the magical work of the Church of the future. This is a prophecy which lies at present too far ahead to be capable of verification, either in this generation or the next, but it is rooted in national characteristics and the law of probability. -Destiny of Nations

Q: How can we best support the finer aspects of the 7th ray influx into that crystallized 6th ray personality?

A: Among Master DK’s disciples was Francisco Brualla in the Seed Group of Political Servers. Originally from Spain, he exiled to Argentina during/after the Spanish Civil War (Franco’s dictatorship lasted until 1975), establishing in Buenos Aires the Latin America HQ of the Alice Bailey service activities (Fundacion Lucis).

In one of the letter to F. Brualla, DK tells him (September 1943):

“The work of salvaging Europe, spiritually and psychologically, which is our main preoccupation, must go on. It [Page 499] must be entirely divorced from politics and partisanships, and I am asking all of you who are my pledged workers to move forward in this spiritual undertaking. Your link with the Master R. should help you much in taking adequate action in cooperation with A.A.B. and F.B. The triangle of force thus formed is strengthened by its link with my Brother, R. Where Spain is concerned, the picture is as follows: Master R., Master D.K., A.A.B. [Alice A. Bailey], F.B [Foster Bailey], I.A.P (Francisco Brualla). You will note here the direct line of spiritual force descending from the Master R., via D.K. to yourself, with F.B. and A.A.B. standing by as protecting agents on either side. They aid and sponsor all your efforts.”

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II

Right after 1975, Vicente Beltrán- Anglada (VBA, 1915-1988), an accepted disciple in another Second Ray Ashram, continued the Hierarchical work in Spain and South America. VBA’s discipleship service, aligning with Master R.’s Seventh Ray,

Master R.

promoted a Threefold Hierarchical Project sponsored by his Master’s Ashram. The third goal of this Project is called Organized Planetary Magic.

Thus, the importance of the R7 magical work — and Spain’s particular role “dispersing the clouds” and in “the field of scientific magic” — in the world today (specifically counteracting Russia’s misguided use of R7 energies in Russia and in the current war). We are conscious participants in this Organized Planetary Magic bringing Peace on Earth. -JB

There is a Seed Group of Trained Observers in Latin America (Grupo Iberoamericano de Observadores Entrenados – GIOE) actively engaged in subjectively (from the inner spiritual planes) neutralizing the Russian propaganda (glamour) being broadcast from (Venezuela) and (Cuba), originating from (Russia state-affiliated media).

The POWER of our united LIGHT
the glamour of misinformation.


May the liberating Light of Lord Buddha,
The infinite Love of the Spirit of Peace,
And the unfathomable Power of the Avatar of Synthesis
Restore the Plan on Earth.

Que la Luz liberadora de Buda,
el Amor infinito del Espíritu de la Paz
y el Poder indescriptible del Avatar de Síntesis
restablezcan el Plan [de Dios] en la Tierra.

Recitación por Vicente Beltrán-Anglada

The New Group of World Servers at the General Assembly of the United Nations

EH 187: The way of living and the spiritual objects of the democracies are recognised by all, and it is these which are threatened by the totalitarian concepts of life. Through the democracies humanity speaks.

Meditation (in Spanish)

Meditation Room at the United Nations NYC

The secret of the will lies in the recognition of the divine nature of man. Only this can evoke the true expression of the will. It has in fact to be evoked by the soul, as it dominates the human mind and controls the [Page 343] personality. The secret of the will is also closely tied in with the recognition of the unconquerable nature of goodness and the inevitability of the ultimate triumph of good. … There is [that] which will swing the tide of victory on to the side of the United Nations. This will come through the effort to understand and express the quality of spiritual Will; it will be the manifestation of that energy which makes the first divine aspect of Will or Power what it is; it is that which is the distinctive feature of the Shamballa force; it is that peculiar and distinctive quality of divinity which is so different that even Christ Himself was unable to express it with facility and understanding. Hence we have the episode in Gethsemane.

It is not easy for me to express its significance in words. Two thousand years have gone since Gethsemane and since Christ made His initial contact with the Shamballa force, and by this means and on behalf of humanity established a relationship which even after two thousand years is but a thin, frail line of connecting energy. This Will force is nevertheless available for right usage, but the power to express it lies in its understanding (as far as may be possible at this midway point in human evolution), and in its group use. It is a unifying, synthetic force, but can be used as a regimenting, standardising force. May [Page 344] I repeat those two key words to the use of this Shamballa energy: Group Use and Understanding.”

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

DINA II, 237: The New Group of World Servers will talk in other terms and their emphasis will be upon:

  1. The Law of Right Human Relations.
  2. The Principle of Goodwill.
  3. The Law of Group Endeavour.
  4. The Principle of Unanimity.
  5. The Law of Spiritual Approach.
  6. The Principle of Essential Divinity.

Ext Hier 640: The United Nations is still the hope of the world and can remain so; it is a great field of experimentation, but is suffering today from an initial error. That error was the admitting of a totalitarian Power into its nations. For seven long and terrible years the Forces of Light had been fighting totalitarianism. In the early days of the post-war period the Nations compromised with principles and admitted Russia to the United Nations. Had they proceeded to unite all the other nations of the world on the sure ground of economic reform, of needed national reorganisation and of regional groups (a better term than “blocs”), Russia would have been forced to conform, for her very existence would have been at stake. An initial error can lead to much trouble, and it is this type of trouble which the United Nations today faces.

Owing to the stupendous task confronting Christ, the Avatar of Synthesis will fortify Him, and He will be buttressed by this “Silent Avatar” Who (to speak symbolically) will “keep His eye upon Him, His hand beneath Him and His heart in unison with His.”

This Being is closely related to the Will Aspect of divinity, and His cooperation has been made possible through Christ’s Own attainment along the line of the highest, spiritual will. He works under the great natural Law of Synthesis, producing at-one-ment, unification and fusion. His function (in unison with the energy of Christ) is to generate spiritual will in humanity, the will-to-good; His potency works in three fields of activity at this time:

  • a. Within the spiritual Hierarchy itself, revealing the nature of the divine will-to-good which the Kingdom of God must express, and the nature also of divine Purpose.
  • b. Within the Assembly of the United Nations, though not within the Security Council; He is there generating a slowly growing will-to-unity.
  • c. Within the masses of men everywhere, fostering the urge to a general betterment.

Frank J. Swetz and Victor J. Katz, “Mathematical Treasures – Oronce Fine’s Le Sphere du Monde,” Oronce Fine, Mappemonde en forme de cœur montrant la Terre australe. Paris, 1536.

N Roerich

The rule of evil –NOW– must end

*The Three Stanzas of the Great Invocation

[JB: In regard to the three stanzas of the Great Invocation (First-1935, Second-1940 and Third-1945), a close study of the shift in the spiritual Hierarchical stance toward World War II is warranted.

The 1935 stanza was intended to prevent the war. Once Poland was invaded in September 1939, the Hierarchy announced a new emphasis, as expressed in the November 1939 communication of Master DK which appears in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy (pp. 171-74). A transitional alternative Invocation was suggested then (“O Lord of Light and Love, come forth and rule the world…”).

By 1940, “the dynamic use of another Stanza of the Great Invocation” (Second Stanza) was indicated by the Hierarchy. The Master explicitly stated: “That which you have hitherto used has now served its immediate purpose, though it can again be called into use after the war is over.” (Ibid, 248)

After the War was over, the Third Stanza of the Great Invocation was revealed in 1945, which seems to be an expanded expression of the 1939 transitional invocation.

PS: “Let reality govern my every thought, and truth be the master of my life” is a mantra unrelated to the Great Invocation, given by the Master in A Treatise on White Magic, and indicated “when swept by illusory fears and needless foreboding.” (pp. 239-40). -JB]

[JB: Around 1975, coinciding with the Impact of Shamballa, a mantra derived from the final sentence of the 1945 Great Invocation was released from the Second Ray Ashram in which Vicente Beltrán-Anglada (1915-1988) is an accepted disciple. The mantra invokes the Triangle of extra-planetary Entities over-lightening the Christ in His reappearance. -JB]

Aquarian Mantra of Synthesis

May the liberating Light of Lord Buddha,
The infinite Love of the Spirit of Peace,
And the unfathomable Power of the Avatar of Synthesis
Restore the Plan on Earth.

Great Invocation 1940

Que surjan los Señores de la Liberación.
Que traigan ayuda a los Hijos de los Hombres.
Que aparezca el Jinete del Lugar secreto, y con Su venida, salve.
Ven, oh Todopoderoso.
Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth.
Let Them bring succour to the sons of men.
Let the Rider from the Secret Place come forth,
And coming, save.
Come forth, O Mighty One.
Que las almas de los hombres despierten a la Luz.
Que permanezcan con intención masiva.
Que el Señor pronuncie el fíat: ¡Ha llegado a su fin el dolor!
Ven, oh Todopoderoso.
Let the souls of men awaken to the Light,
And may they stand with massed intent.
Let the fiat of the Lord go forth:
The end of woe has come!
Come forth, O Mighty One.
Ha llegado, para la Fuerza Salvadora, la hora de servir.
Que se difunda por el mundo, oh Todopoderoso.
Que la Luz, el Amor, el Poder y la Muerte,
Cumplan el propósito de Aquel Que Viene.
The hour of service of the Saving Force has now arrived.
Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One.
Let Light and Love and Power and Death
Fulfil the purpose of the Coming One.
La Voluntad de salvar está presente.
El Amor para llevar a cabo la tarea, está ampliamente difundido
La Ayuda activa de quienes conocen la verdad también está presente.
The WILL to save is here.
The LOVE to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad.
The ACTIVE AID of all who know the truth is also here.
Ven, oh Todopoderoso, y fusiona a los tres.
Construye una muralla protectora.
El imperio del mal debe terminar ahora.
Come forth, O Mighty One and blend these three.
Construct a great defending wall.
The rule of evil now must end.
Libros en línea: Alice A. Bailey en castellano

Issued in 1940 AFTER the war broke out in the physical plane. Goodwill is put on hold. The Will-to-Good is activated.

There are those who send thoughts of love to the group of evil men who are responsible for world disaster, believing thereby to influence them for good. I would remind them that love is essentially an impersonal potency or energy, dependent for its effect upon the type of form which it contacts and upon which it makes an impact. Pouring, therefore, upon the selfish materialistic nature, it will only enhance desire and promote increased acquisitive aggression, and thus foster the lower nature and distort the true expression of love, leading to increased evil activity. Pouring upon the selfless, the pure and the disinterested, it will foster reality and true love. These are points which should be remembered at this time by the well-intentioned but occultly ignorant server.

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 265

Great Invocation 1945

Desde el punto de Luz en la Mente de Dios,
Que afluya luz a las mentes humanas,
Que la Luz descienda a la Tierra.
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
Desde el punto de Amor en el Corazón de Dios,
Que afluya amor a los corazones humanos,
Que Cristo retorne a la Tierra.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.
Desde el centro donde la Voluntad de Dios es conocida,
Que el Propósito guíe a las pequeñas voluntades humanas,
El Propósito que los Maestros conocen y sirven.
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men—
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
Desde el centro que llamamos la raza humana,
Que se realice el Plan de Amor y de Luz
Y selle la puerta donde se halla el mal.
From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Que la Luz, el Amor y el Poder restablezcan el Plan en la Tierra.Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
Issued in 1945 AFTER the Allied Forces of Light defeated the Axis of Evil in the physical plane. Goodwill (Light and Love) and Will-to-Good (Power) in perfect harmony.
The Great Invocation in Five Languages – YouTube

The issues at stake are clear to all right-thinking people. Intolerance and an intense national pride and self-satisfaction can blind men to the facts of the case today, but there are enough people thinking clearly to make the future of right decision more probable than at any previous time in the history of the race. 137

When the Great Invocation is thus rightly used and the world centres are consequently consciously interrelated, then certain extra-planetary Energies can be called in by the Ruler of Shamballa to aid in the re-adjustments required for the New Age and its coming civilisation. These Forces—spiritual and potent in nature—exist in two categories: solar Forces which are inter-planetary and cosmic Forces which enter into our solar system via Jupiter as the transmitter of divine energies from Virgo and Aquarius which Jupiter esoterically governs. 155

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

Great Invocation 1935

Que las Fuerzas de la Luz iluminen a la humanidad.Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.
Que el Espíritu de la Paz se difunda por el mundo.Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.
Que el espíritu de colaboración una a los hombres y mujeres de buena voluntad, dondequiera que estén.May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.
Que el PER-DONAR, por parte de todos, sea la tónica de esta época.May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time.
Que el poder acompañe los esfuerzos de los Grandes Seres.Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.
Que así sea, y cumplamos nuestra parte.So let it be, and help us to do our part.
Issued in 1935 BEFORE the war broke out in the physical plane.

“May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time.”

This faculty of forgiveness is not a form of magnanimous forgetting or overlooking, neither is it a gesture of superiority whereby the slate is wiped clean. It is the very breath of life itself—the giving of all to all and for all. -Education in the New Age, p. 129

The word “forgiveness” is .. simply “to give for.” Forgiveness is not therefore, a synonym for pardon… Forgiveness is sacrifice, and is the giving up of one’s self, even of one’s very life, for the sake of others and for the good of the whole group. This spirit of sacrifice is ever found when the Shamballa force is rightly contacted…Manifestation is itself the Great Forgiveness.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 264

November 1939


Transitional Alternative Invocation of 1939

Ext Jer 147: A aquellos de ustedes que pueden valorar y utilizar la Gran Invocación, les sugeriría un empleo renovado y fervoroso. Sin embargo podría sugerirse como alternativa la invocación siguiente:Ext Hier 174: To those of you who can appreciate and use the Great Invocation, I would suggest its renewed and earnest use. This alternative invocation might, however, be suggested and found useful:
“Oh Señor de Luz y Amor, ven y gobierna al mundo.
Que el Príncipe de la Paz aparezca y ponga fin a las guerras de las naciones.
Que el reinado de la Luz, el Amor y la Justicia comience.
Que haya paz en la Tierra y que empiece en nosotros mismos.”
“O Lord of Light and Love, come forth and rule the world.
May the Prince of Peace appear and end the warring of the nations.
May the reign of Light and Love and Justice be begun.
Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with us.”
Libros en línea: Alice A. Bailey en castellano



Earlier I stated that the physical plane areas or localities which constitute the present modern exits for energies, through which directed energies can pass to carry out the creative process, are five in number: New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling and Tokyo. These five form a five-pointed star of interlocking energies, symbolic of the major divisions of our modern civilisation.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 675

*Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)

Once that impressive bombardment was carried out – the largest and most intense I had ever seen – there was only a dense smoke and only the cries of the wounded and the moans of the dying could be heard. I had never witnessed such a spectacle, never seen so many lives shattered, so much blood, so many amputated limbs, so many dead friends. Whoever has seen up close the appalling carnage caused by the bombing of aircraft on large concentrations of humans will undoubtedly repudiate war forever and denounce from the bottom of his heart all those who are capable of producing, loving or determining it. –Vicente Beltrán-Anglada (excerpt translated from the book Mis Experiencias Espirituales, p. 127 )

Who is Vicente Beltrán-Anglada?

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*2 MAR 2022 :

Pisces New Moon 2 March 2022

[JB] New moon in Pisces in about 12 hours.

New Moon period: the Moon not reflecting any light from the Sun for a brief period of darkness (new beginnings; seed to mature at the succeeding Pisces Full Moon).

Sun/Moon (new moon) conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (Jupiter is orthodox ruler of Pisces)

Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. (Pluto is esoteric ruler of Pisces).

Capricorn is the rising sign of both the Ukraine and the Russian invasion charts.

May the potential Mars-Pluto conflagration be defused, transmuted and extinguished by the energies of right human relations carried by Venus and the beneficial (Jupiter) waters of Pisces.

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius during a new moon may restrict (Saturn) communications and power grid (Mercury). [communication towers in Ukraine have already been attacked by the Russian military]. May the expansive energies of Jupiter (esoteric ruler of Aquarius) keep open the communication channels with the realms of Light where Soul “grows and glows.”

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. -JB

Pisces New Moon in Atlanta


May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers

May the Love of the one Soul characterise the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones

May I fulfil my part in the one Work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech.

It is essential that servers everywhere—the intelligent men and women of good will—get a grasp, fresh and clear, of the work to be done and that they become “relaying channels and not delaying points of selfish interest” in the divine flow. This takes vision and courage. It takes courage to adjust their lives—daily and in all relations—to the need of the hour and to the service of mankind; it takes courage to attack life problems on behalf of others and [Page 196] to obliterate one’s own personal wishes in the emergency and need, and to do so consistently and persistently.


[JB] Invoking the Solar Angels: “I RECOGNISE MY OTHER SELF AND IN THE WANING OF THAT SELF, I GROW AND GLOW” (uttered by the Soul itself).

May morale of all Ukrainian warriors “grow and glow” aligned with the Forces of Light (the Soul).


¡Gloria a Ucrania!

Glory to Ukraine!

Slava Ukrayini!

Slava Ukraini! is a Ukrainian national salute, known as a symbol of Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance. It is often accompanied by the response “Glory to the heroes!” (romanized: Heroiam slava!).

Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny: We – Russia – want to be a nation of peace. Alas, few people would call us that now. But let’s at least not become a nation of frightened silent people. Of cowards who pretend not to notice the aggressive war against Ukraine unleashed by our obviously insane czar. I cannot, do not want and will not remain silent watching how pseudo-historical nonsense about the events of 100 years ago has become an excuse for Russians to kill Ukrainians, and for Ukrainians to kill Russians while defending themselves. It’s the third decade of the 21st century, and we are watching news about people burning down in tanks and bombed houses. We are watching real threats to start a nuclear war on our TVs. I am from the USSR myself. I was born there. And the main phrase from there – from my childhood – was “fight for peace.” I call on everyone to take to the streets and fight for peace. Putin is not Russia. And if there is anything in Russia right now that you can be most proud of, it is those 6824 people who were detained because – without any call – they took to the streets with placards saying “No War”. They say that someone who cannot attend a rally and does not risk being arrested for it cannot call for it. I’m already in prison, so I think I can. We cannot wait any longer. Wherever you are, in Russia, Belarus or on the other side of the planet, go to the main square of your city every weekday and at 2 pm on weekends and holidays. If you are abroad, come to the Russian embassy. If you can organise a demonstration, do so on the weekend. Yes, maybe only a few people will take to the streets on the first day. And in the second – even less. But we must, gritting our teeth and overcoming fear, come out and demand an end to the war. Each arrested person must be replaced by two newcomers. If in order to stop the war we have to fill prisons and paddy wagons with ourselves, we will fill prisons and paddy wagons with ourselves. Everything has a price, and now, in the spring of 2022, we must pay this price. There’s no one to do it for us. Let’s not “be against the war.” Let’s fight against the war. Everything has a price, and now, in the spring of 2022, we must pay this price. There’s no one to do it for us. Let’s not “be against the war.” Let’s fight against the war.

UNITED NATIONS, March 2 (Reuters) – The United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday overwhelmingly voted to reprimand Russia for invading Ukraine and demanded that Moscow stop fighting and withdraw its military forces, an action that aims to diplomatically isolate Russia at the world body.

The resolution, supported by 141 of the assembly’s 193 members, passed in a rare emergency session called by the U.N. Security Council while Ukrainian forces battled to defend the port of Kherson in the face of air strikes and a devastating bombardment that forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee.

The text of the resolution deplores Russia’s “aggression against Ukraine.”

Russia was joined by Belarus, which has served as a launch pad for Russian invasion forces, Eritrea, North Korea and Syria in voting against the resolution. Thirty-five members, including China, abstained.

*March 3: Putin’s terrorist plan is to instill fear and negotiate from a position of military strength. In his sick mind, might is right. However, the factor of TIME is operating against his little will. Ukrainians must FOR-GIVE (not “forgive”) and outlast his evil intention. RESIST. RESIST. RESIST. While the whole world UNANIMOUSLY make Putin accountable for the barbaric crimes of war he is committing against Humanity (not just Ukraine). A PSYCHOLOGICAL “great defending wall” protecting the Ukrainian people from fear must be constructed. “An impregnable wall of spiritual light which will utterly confound the enemy of humanity. It will be a wall of energy—vibrating, protective, and at the same time of such power that it can repulse those who seek to pass in their pursuit of evil and wicked objectives.” (Ext H, p. 280)

the word “forgiveness” is .. simply “to give for.” Forgiveness is not therefore, a synonym for pardon… Forgiveness is sacrifice, and is the giving up of one’s self, even of one’s very life, for the sake of others and for the good of the whole group. This spirit of sacrifice is ever found when the Shamballa force is rightly contacted…Manifestation is itself the Great Forgiveness.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 164

[JB] How do we translate to the men and women of goodwill, that what is happening is the result of the Impacts of Shamballa, energizing both good and evil in the world, for the purpose of planetary and human evolution, and that such life-threatening labor pains are permitted by Sanat Kumara, without divine intervention, so that Humanity, exercising its free will, according to the Plan, can grow into adulthood (1st initiation, birth of the Christ) and assume its planetary responsibility in “sealing the door where evil dwells,” so that the World Teacher can reappear and the externalized Hierarchy of Masters assume democratic control of the planetary affairs, and planet Earth becomes a Beacon of Light in the solar system and the cosmos?

The group, therefore, which “serves as Aquarius indicates” is the Hierarchy; the group which is “speeded upon the upward Way” is the New Group of World Servers. This group is ruled by Taurus, and to it that divine Taurian energy brings “illumination and the attainment of the vision.” This group is, figuratively speaking, the “bull, rushing forward upon a straight line with its one eye fixed upon the goal and beaming light.” But what is that goal? It is not the goal of Self-illumination, for that lies far behind; it is the goal of providing a centre of light within the world of men and of holding up the vision to the sons of men. Let this never be forgotten, and let the New Group of [Page 233] World Servers realise its mission and recognise the demands of humanity upon it. What are these demands? Let me enumerate them, and then let me ask you to take them in all simplicity and act upon them.

1. To receive and transmit illumination from the kingdom of souls.

2. To receive inspiration from the Hierarchy and go forth, consequently, to inspire.

3. To hold the vision of the Plan before the eyes of men, for “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

4. To act as an intermediate group between the Hierarchy and humanity, receiving light and power and then using both of these, under the inspiration of love, to build the new world of tomorrow.

5. To toil in Pisces, illumined by Taurus and responsive in degree to the Aquarian impulse coming from the Hierarchy.

These objectives are not only individual objectives, but the goal for the entire group. All who respond to the life-giving force of Aquarius and to the light-giving force of Taurus can and will work in the New Group of World Servers, even though they have no occult knowledge and have never heard of their co-workers under that name. Forget this not.

The Rays and the Initiations (Rule XII)

However, the Masters of Love and Compassion, are not indifferent to the pains and struggles of Humanity. Although They can’t intervene at the physical level,

The Hierarchy is a great fighting body today, fighting for the souls of men, fighting all that blocks the expansion of the human consciousness, fighting all that limits human freedom (I said not license) and fighting to remove those factors and barriers which militate against the return of [Page 551] the Christ and the emergence of the Hierarchy as a fully functioning body on earth. There is nothing weak, vacillating, sentimental or neutral in the attitude of the Hierarchy; this must be grasped by humanity, and the strength and insight as well as the love of the Hierarchy must be counted upon.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy


The Hierarchy works—as you well know—with the souls of men and with those minds which are so oriented and disposed that they react to soul impression. When I use the expression “the Forces of Light” I mean those enlightened nations upon whom the light of Freedom shines and who will refuse, at all costs, to relinquish that light.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy

I would therefore ask you to steel your souls to endurance, knowing that the Hierarchy Stands; I would ask you to love blindly and unchangingly in spite of all that may happen, knowing that Love Stands unmoved amid the wreckage of all around and eternally loves; I would ask you to put your hand into that of the Master and move forward with Him and in the strength of your group, irradiated by [Page 30] the life and light of the Hierarchy; I would ask you to be a strong hand in the dark to your fellowmen because you are affiliated with the Hierarchy and the love and strength of the Hierarchy can flow through you, if you so permit.

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol II

*March 4:

How should an esotericist respond to the imminent threat of a disaster? Rationally, of course, not emotionally. The constant practice of mediation should have trained us to control our emotions and proceed rationally, and intuitively too.

Specifically, the practice of Agni Yoga

  • staying focused (profound attentiveness, Ray 1)
  • keeping cool (serene expectancy, Ray 2)
  • resiliency (intelligent adaptability, Ray 3)

should have prepared us to react rationally, and proceed intuitively, in the face of a disaster.

Before even considering how to control the elementals of fire, a task we should leave to devas and initiates of higher ranking, we should first inform ourselves about the sequence of events that results in a nuclear power plant meltdown. For instance, the need for electrical power, to control the nuclear reactors and the cooling systems, is essential to avoid disaster.

There are human minds, from government authorities and senior engineers to the firefighters, making decisions in response to a disaster, according to an incident management system. As esotericists, we can we can effectively send constructive thoughts in support of these individuals. They are the ones putting out the fires, not us. For instance, there are soldiers exchanging fire shots, preventing the firefighters from extinguishing a fire caused by missiles. We can help bring common sense to the human minds involved in this type of uncontrolled behavioral chain reaction by aligning with the Hierarchical Executives in charge of the response operation, and providing our minds and hearts as “relaying channels” for Their intervention.

What we should not be doing is to engage in a philosophical debate about the causes of the war, if NATO forces should be strengthened or not. We should leave those considerations to the mitigation, prevention and prepared phases of an incident, while we are engaged in the response phase.

Once the immediate response phase is over, recovery follows and the whole planning cycle is resumed.

For instance, has the UN proven to be effective in preventing and reacting to the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Do we need to make structural changes and plan for the refoundation of the UN.? Should only democracies be admitted to the UN, as originally suggested by Master D.K.? Should the General Assembly (GA) function as a parliament, with votes counting in proportion of the population of the countries? Should the Security Council (SC) be transformed into an Executive Council comprised of the major world economies ratifying the viability of the decisions made by the GA? Should a single country be given veto power, or should the GA be able to override a veto of the SC by a supermajority (2/3 or 3/4, predetermined by the issue at hand)? These, and similar discussions, may bring the esoteric community closer to the charge of the New Group of World Servers, as given by the Master D.K., serving as a bridge between the Hierarchy and the thinkers of Humanity.

One of these thinkers is saying:

Russian human rights activist and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov on Thursday urged world powers to adopt a harsher military and economic strategy against Russian President Vladimir Putin for his invasion of Ukraine… calling it nothing short of “the first stage of World War III.”

Shouldn’t we be paying attention to an international master of strategy, and an intimate knower of the Russian reality?

BBC: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said it is in contact with Ukrainian authorities over the reports of shelling at the the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

A spokesperson for the plant has also taken to social media asking that Russian forces “stop the heavy weapons fire”.

CNN: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Ukraine’s regulator had told the organization there had been no change in reported radiation levels and that the fire had not affected “essential” equipment.

*March 5

Fear is an illusion. I would like to point out to my brothers that they need to do two things: To meditate on truth in daily life, using the concept of truth practised and lived by as their seed thought in meditation; to this end I would suggest that they memorise and use at all times when swept by illusory fears and needless foreboding the following formula or prayer:

Let reality govern my every thought, and truth be the master of my life.

Let each say this to himself as constantly as need requires, [Page 240] forcing his mind to focus attention upon the significance of these spoken words.

I would suggest also sound common sense and the cultivation of an attitude of mind which refuses to permit time for illusory fears to grow.

Treatise White Magic, p.239

This article [written in 2006] is an effort to alert disciples to both the dangers and opportunities of our time, the “Stage of the Forerunner.” The author highlights the importance attached by the Tibetan Master to humanity’s recognition of three aspects of reality before the year 2025.

The Tibetan states that three “recognitions” must take root within humanity by 2025. They must be assimilated in such a way that they will “produce fundamental changes in human thought, awareness and direction.” The importance of achieving these recognitions is “above everything else required at this time.” Moreover, if these fundamental changes in consciousness fail to occur, He sounds a dire warning: “These three recognitions must be evidenced by humanity and affect human thinking and action if the total destruction of mankind is to be averted.”

The required changes in consciousness are worded as follows:

  • a recognition of the world of meaning,
  • a recognition of Those Who implement world affairs and Who engineer those steps which lead mankind onward toward its destined goal, plus
  • a steadily increased recognition of the Plan on the part of the masses.

The task of communicating knowledge of subtle realities to a broader public was assigned to disciples, although this fact is often overlooked or underestimated. To a surprising extent, the Plan depends upon the willingness and ability of esoteric students to carry out this work effectively in time to avert possible disaster.

Eight seed thoughts

  1. Russia will not win the war of aggression against Ukraine. Russia may win some battles, but it will lose the war.
  2. Ukrainians will succeed in resisting the invasion no matter how long it takes, no matter how painful. A successful resistance is victory.
  3. Putin will be defeated from within Russia. The Russian military will see the folly of Putin’s war of choice and the Russian people will rise in opposition to Putin.
  4. Ukraine reserves the right of self defense. This right includes asking other countries to aid them militarily. Poland, the country whose invasion by Hitler triggered WW-II, has already agreed to offer protection of Ukraine’s air space.
  5. Putin is no Hitler because he’s not committed to subjugate the world invoking racial or ideological superiority. There’s nothing wrong with a block of nations in free association with Russia. What’s wrong is the totalitarian imposition of such association of countries, as a Russian Empire.
  6. Putin is a totalitarian terrorist, holding Ukraine hostage and threatening the international security forces with the nuke option, like any other resentful terrorist would do.
  7. You don’t negotiate with terrorists for a solution that would leave them free. Terrorists need to be subdued or eliminated, with the minimum risk possible to the hostages
  8. A totalitarian superpower is a cancer threatening world peace. Totalitarianism is an evil which humanity must seal the door to.

Seed Thoughts 9-12

6 thoughts on “Ukraine 2022

  1. Unfortunately I think there is too little understanding of history.
    Even if the actions Putin took are horrific the steady and continuing push to the border of Russia and the absolute lack of hearing his concerns it seemed inevitable. If a nation like the US had anything like a NATO coming closer and closer to its border with the actual force of new war tech (drones, small nukes, indefensible missile systems) the US would wipe it off the face of the earth. Wherever the morality line is and if Russia is to be considered lesser than human and the US morally superior this type of expansion is incitement. On top of that Putin is constantly berated and used as a political punching bag in the US which is essentially wrong speech and more incitement. Perhaps if there was a level of equal respect and show of right speech and human relations Putin’s mind would more quickly access his soul nature. Please do not misinterpret this with being a Putin apologist.
    “What we should not be doing is to engage in a philosophical debate about the causes of the war, if NATO forces should be strengthened or not.”
    Debate is exactly what is needed and a study of history especially when NATO sits at the core of this situation.
    I believe in the year 2000 Russia might have been brought into NATO and it was not accepted? NATO is essentially led by the US which spends more money on its military budget then the next 13 Countries combined. NATO has been used in multiple areas like the illegal War in Iraq based on what today would be called misinformation. The US has the largest military base in the world inside of Iraq and has occupied this region for 20+ years. If NATO is to continue its entire structure should also be reinvented. The US economy has also been heavily reliant on War to jump start its economy. The largest Weapon manufacturers exist in the US and so NATO expansion is a conflict of interest simply from a business standpoint. Blackrock and Blackstone got huge bumps during Iraq and benefit greatly now as they own about 5% of everything globally. This on the back of military expansion and control of resources and land.

    “…Should a single country be given veto power, or should the GA be able to override a veto of the SC by a supermajority (2/3 or 3/4, predetermined by the issue at hand)?”
    No Country should have Veto power. This would also reign in the United States in all of its Military adventures and equalize the global structure to allow for regions to solve their own problems and no Country to have total hegemony which leads to desperation and isolation and separativeness. Also places like Ukraine could be left to build their own real independence absent outside influence. And potentially a Country like Ukraine or maybe even Ukraine could build a new practical method of Governance that did not rely on bullying intimidation and wrong speech. The UN makes many declarations of human rights abuses against a multitude of nations. (Steven Donzinger, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, white phosphorous in Iraq, Syria, Venezuala…) And Veto powers allow Countries to continue committing war crimes.

    “Should only democracies be admitted to the UN, as originally suggested by Master D.K.?”
    Great question but first to define this term which is now wholly inverted from its days of civil liberties free speech and calm reasoned dialog. There are multitude of Democracies as well like Social democracies which often threaten hegemonic powers. There seems to be a fine line between supporting democracy and overthrowing leaders of Countries under the pretext of Democracy but because they threaten economic interests.
    Overall we still seem to be operating on Kissinger era doctrine with regards to global affairs. At one time there was a nobility and core enlightenment but with all major powers over time without adequate cleansing and purification corruption has settled in. If the New World exists where morally superior powers will dictate how the lesser human powers behave we are doomed to repeat mutually assured destruction.

    It would appear today the reaction to authoritarianism is to be an authoritarian. The “right” way and the ”wrong” way to do things. This has essentially established leadership who behave in this manner instead of a more pure democratic system wherein the will of the collective people guide the hands of leaders. If Nature had only one type of tree and one type of bird and maybe one type of insect our planet would be dead. Diversity and respect for it is essential to life. A humble equilibrium is called for in this crisis and the many crisis ahead. Elite planners and central planners have amazing theories and grand charts and diagrams but Life is a Natural Law and life always creates anomalies outside even the greatest think tank’s awareness.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. One major clarification. You quoted «What we should not be doing is to engage in a philosophical debate about the causes of the war, if NATO forces should be strengthened or not,» but left out the context: “We should leave those considerations to the mitigation, prevention and prepared phases of an incident, while we are engaged in the response phase.” I was questioning the timing at the response phase, not the relevance of such question in the subsequent phases.

      Yes, the clear demarcation of all totalitarian ideologies/regimes as evil, and the democracies of the world as on the side of good for mankind, is a Hierarchical determination. There are no gray zones. This was made abundantly clear during World War II when the public was given the unique opportunity of learning how the planetary Hierarchy stood on the issues at hand. The book “The Externalisation of the Hierarchy” by Alice A. Bailey deserves much study. The section on “The Pacifist Position” (p. 179) would be quite relevant to your commentary.

      Yes, the democratic experiment is still quite imperfect, as confirmed by the Hierarchical viewpoint. That’s why this blog advocates for a radical new approach to democracy: a Hierarchical democracy, according to the precepts presented by the Hierarchy in the Alice A. Bailey books (Education New Age, Destiny of Nations and Externalization of Hierarchy, in particular).

      Yes, democratic countries have failed to meet their own standards. However, they are the best option to guard Humanity off the specter of totalitarianism. Roosevelt and Churchill were imperfect personalities. Still, with all of their failings, they served as adequate channels, the best available option, for the Forces of Light in defeating Hitler.

      This quote, written in 1940, may be particularly fitting to the discussion at hand:

      “The present war, if carried forward to a successful completion by the defeat of the totalitarian powers, constitutes a far lesser evil than the subjugation of many nations to the unparalleled cupidity, the appalling educational process and the defiance of all recognised spiritual values by the Axis powers. If the totalitarian powers should conquer, it would mean years of turmoil and revolt; their victory would result in untold misery.” -Ext H 180

      And also, written in 1944,

      “In their well-meaning blindness they would sacrifice the future of humanity and the lives of millions of people at a later date for a temporary cessation of hostilities. I would emphasise to you that the Forces of Evil must be defeated now; the evil leaders must be wrenched from their high place, and the complete defeat and annihilation of those responsible for launching this horror on humanity is an absolute necessity and bounden duty, if security, well-being and a new order of happier living is to be the lot of coming generations. A temporary ending of the war would only give time for the Forces of Evil to reorganise, and the future war would be infinitely worse than this one. This the intelligent humanitarian is saying, and this is the opinion of the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy stands firmly on the side of those who demand a war to a finish, and the reasons are the ultimate saving of millions of lives and the preservation of certain basic spiritual values.” -Ext H 426

      So, yes, in regard to the conflict between totalitarianism and imperfect democracies, the Forces of Light take side with the democracies. The criminal war of aggression of a totalitarian power (Russia) against a democratic country (Ukraine), in defiance of the UN Charter signed by all parts, must be universally condemned, as it was UNANIMOUSLY condemned by the democratic countries of UN General Assembly. There is no justification, within the UN Charter, for the principle of “might is right” advocated by Russia. The rule of evil now must end. -JB


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