Enlightening conspiracy theories

Dear Co-Workers in the Path of the Light:

I have recently facilitated a workshop on conspiracy theories as part of the 2021 SRI/USR Conference.

I shared useful material and several links to sources of reliable information on the subject. Among them, I highly recommend the excellent educational material from the European Commission (EC).

Fully agreeing with this statement included in the Program of the Conference,

the workshop provided an opportunity for me, a seasoned and fully credentialed scientist, to share with the esoteric community a scientist’s perspective on this Crisis of Belief, as is so well described in the Program. And this was what I did, in an impersonal way.

However, I have been asked to address concerns in our community about a co-worker closely connected with our service activities who is actively promoting COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

Stop the spread

I think that this kind of misleading information is a good opportunity to put into practice the principles that I outlined in the workshop, particularly in the light of the EC criteria for identifying conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories are very seductive and the esoteric community is particularly susceptible to their seduction, for the reasons explained in the workshop.

The temptations of the Christ in the desert may serve as a model of an effective but impersonal response from me to such misinformation. The Christ did not engage in arguments but, rather, asserted the fact: “IT IS WRITTEN…” Likewise, my personal response to such misleading posting is as simple and direct:


We need to apply our spiritual discernment on these matters. No one else can do the work for us. One hint, though, may be useful: check its predictive value. Is what the theories predict actually happening? In India and Brazil, for instance?

I understand that there are many other coworkers enticed by this seduction. Like the father of the Prodigal Son parable, the prudent thing to do is to wait for their return to the main but narrow Path of the Light. I love them the same, regardless.

We are told, “There is no such thing as failure; there can only be loss of time.” (TWM, 634) May you use your time wisely.

As a Witness of the Light and in the Service of the Plan,


Eskato Bebeloi

Agni Yoga 115. Often We are asked why We do not hasten to destroy a harmful entity. This must be explained clearly, especially since you yourself have a weapon for such destruction. I shall take the example of a physician. Often the physician is ready to cut away a knot of diseased nerves, but possible damage to a sympathetic center stays his scalpel. No being is isolated. Numberless are the layers of the karmic web that binds even the most disparate beings. In the flow of the karmic stream one can trace currents linking the most unworthy to the most worthy. Therefore the one who cuts must first anesthetize the channels that unite the streams of karma. Otherwise the individual destruction, even if justified, can cause harm to the whole. Thus the means for destruction must be resorted to with the utmost caution.

One thought on “Enlightening conspiracy theories

  1. Thank you Jose for your approach to discrimination. It is helpful and practical. I will share it. I also would like to thank you for addressing PL’s COVID-19 conspiracy theories. They have had a divisive effect on the Esoteric community at a time when we need to stand “United in the One Work”.

    Many Thanks and Keep up the good work!


    On Sun, May 2, 2021, 3:19 PM Hierarchical Democracy wrote:



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