White Nationalist Terrorism

Dear Fellow Workers on the Path of Light:

Sometime ago I called your attention to the MAGA slogan as a dog whistle to return to a supremacist white America.

Defeating the WASP Project

Ten reasons why we must defeat

the Make-America-WASP-Again Project


The New Face of America


[JB] More recently, I have advocated for esoteric scholars to become more engaged in the “battle for the enlightenment of the post-modern collective mind.” Occultism is being portrayed [as of 2017] as the “metaphysics of the dunces” and HPB is mispresented as an advocate for a racial hierarchy, rendered harmless if ignored but dangerous if studied by the uneducated.

The Nazis Were Obsessed With Magic

What can their fascination with the supernatural teach us about life in our own post-truth times?

In France, you don’t see the equivalent politicization and racialization of it. You have theosophy in Britain and America. But it’s a relatively harmless movement, where people get together in a drawing room and try to connect with spirits and write novels about Atlantis. But the concept of root races, which [H.P.] Blavatsky, the Russian progenitor of theosophy, talked about, never gets brought up as an actual basis for belief in “superior breeding” or race war among the liberal or conservative parties that run the government in Britain and America. It clearly is not influencing Roosevelt or Churchill’s view of social policy or foreign policy.

In the Nazi case,… when you look at how they argue about race, with the Jews being monstrous and the Slavs “sub-human,” while Indian, Japanese, and perhaps even Persian and Arab civilizations are deemed at least partially Indo-Aryan, it’s all this stuff that’s wrapped up with ariosophy, theosophy, anthroposophy—these major occult doctrines that were prominent in Austria and Germany. It had so little to do with actual empirical science, or even pseudoscience practiced elsewhere during the first half of the 20th century, that it opened the way for all these fantastical policies.



[JB] The doctrine of the root races must be presented in a new light to the intellectuals of humanity.  Today’s NYT editorial, on the wake of the mass shooting aimed at Mexican-Americans in El Paso, confirms the urgency of my request to devote our minds and hearts, here and now, to reintroduce HPB’s Secret Doctrine, and AAB’s neo-theosophy, to the academic discourse devoid of any doctrine of racial supremacy, as it was originally intended.

It’s no longer only a generic problem of gun violence in the USA; it’s now also a specific and international “White Nationalist Terrorist Problem.” This is part of the “battle of democracy” currently being fought in the USA, as prophesied in the AAB-DK books. This “civil war” is now being waged worldwide.  -JB


NYT August 4, 2019 Editorial

We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem

Mass shootings like the one in El Paso
should be condemned
by Americaʼs leaders as terrorism.


White supremacy … is a violent, interconnected transnational ideology. Its adherents are gathering in anonymous, online forums to spread their ideas, plotting attacks and cheering on acts of terrorism.

While its modern roots predate the Trump administration by many decades, white nationalism has attained a new mainstream legitimacy during Mr. Trump’s time in office.

Discussions of Americans being “replaced” by immigrants, for instance, are a recurring feature on some programs on Fox News. Fox hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, for example, return to these themes frequently. Democrats, Ms. Ingraham told viewers last year, “want to replace you, the American voters, with newly amnestied citizens and an ever-increasing number of chain migrants.”

“You will not replace us,” white nationalists proudly chanted at Charlottesville in 2017. (Mr. Trump himself proclaimed that there were “fine people” on both sides of that deadly event.)

In May, bemoaning an “invasion” of immigrants, Mr. Trump asked how immigrants could be stopped during a rally in Florida. “Shoot them,” someone in the crowd yelled. Mr. Trump gave a smirk and said, “That’s only in the Panhandle you can get away with that stuff,” as the crowd exploded in ghoulish laughter.

Far more Americans have died at the hands of domestic terrorists than at the hands of Islamic extremists since 2001, according to the F.B.I. The agency’s resources, however, are still overwhelmingly weighted toward thwarting international terrorism.

The nation owed a debt to the victims of the 9/11 attacks, to take action against the vile infrastructure that allowed the terrorists to achieve their goals that horrible Tuesday. We owe no less of a debt to the victims in El Paso and to the hundreds of other victims of white nationalist terrorism around the nation.

There can be no middle ground when it comes to white nationalism and the terrorism it inspires. You’re either for it or against it.



Published 2019.08.05; revised 2019.08.05

One thought on “White Nationalist Terrorism

  1. [via email]

    Dear Jose,

    We DO have a White Nationalist President. He’s the Divider in Chief, the Hater Monger in Chief. And his Republican stooges in the Senate and elsewhere are the spinless, fearful followers who won’t stand up to him — or are secretly White Nationalists themselves. Together they and Dictator president Trump will BLOCK any real efforts for change, while giving lip service to it only if they are forced to. We can pray, meditate, etc. — all good– but the ONLY Way this will Change is to DEFEAT Trump at the polls — defeat him for re-election so that he is no longer the Dictator president– and then he will be subject to Indictment for his Crimes. And a progressive inclusive person with good values — any of the Dem. candidates who can Win a majority — will be our new President. Then we can sort out the details of working for the well-being of All Americans, All people — that those details and proposals should Not divide progressive people now. The Dem. Candidates can run their individual campaigns — but they should take an oath that whoever wins the nomination, they will get behind that person 1000%, stop the backbiting, and work their heart out to get that progressive inclusive person elected. IF THEY DON’T, we will have have 4 more years of Trump, — and the US and the World will never be the same…

    My focus is to Defeat Trump at the polls. And with Putin interference, the powerful gun lobby and other lobbies, the unbelievably rich people who would sell their souls for money and power & thus back Trump with their unlimited wealth and connections, the group of naive sheep voters who are easily manipulated by Con Man Trump – some are well-meaning but blind and some are haters –, gerrymandering, voter-suppression, internet and social media manipulation — with all these factors and much more, it won’t be easy. But for the well-being of the world, we Must make it Happen.

    All the Best,


    [AR] I am just now working on/talking to people/reflecting on the relationship of all of this to the current crisis point we have reached here in the UK. I will be sending out a letter to all my co-workers re Brexit, Boris and the (dark) Brotherhood very soon.

    Because now we have a new situation: the most hard right war cabinet in the history of the UK , also overtly racist under BoJo, joining hands with the dark right in the US, determined to turn its back on the peace and unity of the EU and work with the hard right in the US, ….to do what….to destroy. And fill pockets. -AR


    [MG] Marianne Williamson is singing the same tune, Jose. Let us find the formula to mesh the best of the old (Warren?) with the All That is Ever Present.
    with love,

    [JB] Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I’m aware of MW’s work. She would make a wise White House adviser in the currently poisoned political environment. I hope she gets that recognition by whoever becomes the next Democratic POTUS. For goodwill to become an effective force in politics, the will-to-good must first defeat the will-to-evil. Then would democracy be receptive to the Hierarchical tune of love-wisdom. The cleansing Ray of Power must act first, according to the Plan. JB


    [PS] Well said, the truth must be understood, clearly explained, studying the sources, without imposing our [selfish] ideological preferences and emotions, it’s easy to get off tracks in esoteric traditions. -PS



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