On Bridges and Walls

A bridge is a good metaphor for the constructive work of the New Group of World Servers.

World Servers are bridge builders; their adversaries, such as Trump, Putin, Maduro and Netanyahu, destroy and block them, building walls instead.

Venezuela 2019

Embedded video

Maduro salsa dancing while blocking bridges with humanitarian aid to Venezuela

Whose hands should we strengthen?  

I am one with my group brothers and all that I have is theirs.  May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them.   May the strength which is in me lift and aid them.    May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them.

Luis Almagro

Image result for almagro oas

Secretary-General of Organization of American States


Consider the many ways in which the “power of the one Life” and the “love of the one Soul” are working out in the world through members of the New Group of World Servers, so building the “thought form of solution” to world problems.


Other Walls

 Matthew Parris, who coined that “Death Star” description, didn’t stop there. According to Parris, May is a “political black hole from which nothing escapes. Ideas, beliefs, suggestions, objections, inquiries, proposals, projects, loyalties, affections, trust, whole careers, real men and women are sucked into that awful void that is Downing Street”.


May delays Brexit vote as UK political turmoil persists

British prime minister Theresa May has admitted she will not get a new Brexit proposal in time for MPs to hold a “meaningful vote” this week, amid warnings time is running out for an agreement before Britain leaves the European Union.

Mrs May on Sunday delayed the vote until March 12th, 17 days before Britain is to leave the EU, as her ministers threatened to take control of the exit timetable.

[JB] The POWER of matter is its inertia (resistance to movement), which translates as passive-aggressive behavior in human psychology. Its opposite is the POWER (persistence) of the Will-to-Good.

All political incumbents enjoy the advantage of inertia against their challengers. The power of light (truth) must always challenge the inertia of darkness (i.e., the good we should have left behind).

“We shall defend our island [of LIGHT], whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”
-Winston Churchill


Populism spreading ‘like leprosy’

The French and Italian relationship has deteriorated markedly since the formation of the Italian coalition government in June 2018.

French President Emmanuel Macron is also at odds with the Italian government’s other coalition deputy, Matteo Salvini who heads the right-wing Lega party.

Macron was sharply critical when Salvini blocked ports to prevent the landing of a stranded migrant ship and has previously said that populism in Europe was spreading like “leprosy,” a comment seized on by Rome as a direct insult.

In January, at the height of Gilet Jaunes protests, Salvini said he hoped the French people would soon be able to “free themselves of a terrible president,” encouraging voters to favor French far-right politician Marine Le Pen.

The petulance has even spread to a major doubt over whether Italy will loan France some works by the artist Leonardo Da Vinci for a commemorative exhibition. Da Vinci, an Italian, moved to France where he died.


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